Why Shouldn’t You Skip Breakfast?

Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? We tell you why you should have breakfast and what ingredients a breakfast should bring to be healthy. We currently live in a society where daily tasks, be it work or school, which are usually carried out every morning, prevent a proper diet where breakfast is usually the most affected, since either because of the lack of time or because of the inability of most people to understand its benefits, or because they believe that this way is conducive to greater fat burning, which is totally WRONG. And it is that despite the ease with which you can have access to information, thanks to powerful tools such as the internet, there are still those who believe that not having breakfast is a fairly viable alternative to lose those extra kilos, without having in mind that in reality, the organism is harmed, and to follow this practice frequently and prolongedly, muscle catabolism , stagnant metabolism and much more.

The Benefits Of Breakfast

The Benefits Of Breakfast

In order not to make the story long or dramatic, it is enough to mention some of the main reasons why breakfast should be the priority of each morning.

  • It helps replenish the energies of the body : Generally, a healthy diet indicates that dinners should be carried out at least three hours before going to sleep or that it should not contain too many meals / calories to allow proper digestion and not interfere With the rest of the night. That said, it is understood that the few energies that the body receives before going to bed, are used to regulate its essential functions such as breathing, maintaining brain activity, etc. Then, by common rule, the next morning, the body is maintained with a minimum reserve of energies that must be replenished in order to start the day to the fullest and yield 100% in daily work.
  • It is conducive to weight loss : Precisely, breakfast is ideal for fat burning. Contrary to what many believe, skipping breakfast is not an adequate way to eliminate that accumulated fat over time. And it is that the body is programmed to defend itself before the adversities of any type. Fasting is one of them, and when it is done constantly, the body enters into a defense mechanism that prevents accumulated energies from being used right and left. In simpler words, fasting frequently leads to a slowdown in metabolism, leading to the energy consumed in the rest of the day being stored as fat, preventing them from being properly utilized, which leads to obesity and other diseases related to it.
  • Incentives to have better eating habits : A good breakfast is the best thing to do to develop better habits at mealtime, and that is how hunger can be regulated at small periods of time, avoiding the consumption of junk foods between each meal, this being one of the most common reasons why overweight develops.
  • It helps to gain muscle mass : Although it is not a common goal, it has been proven that having a muscular system in good condition is the first step to better health. Muscle mass gain does not necessarily refer to the development of muscles at the level of a bodybuilder. A person who has healthy muscles (not to mention those with the most bulky muscles) is more likely to burn more fat, because the muscle is a tissue that requires a greater amount of energy to be able to stay in the body.
  • Improves intellectual performance : This is because in addition to the energies provided, essential nutrients are also received, from which the brain takes advantage of a large amount to maximize its performance, improving concentration, memory, etc.
  • It improves the mood: Mainly because this way, episodes of anxiety and stress caused by hunger that could appear in the following hours are avoided and that it is very difficult to fight, especially if you find yourself at work or school hours, in which it results almost impossible to have a permit only for breakfast.

And like these, many more benefits can be found; However, it should be borne in mind that breakfast should also be balanced, since a cup of coffee and a handful of cash cereals will not contribute to any of these points.

Perfect Breakfast

It is understandable that due to the different lifestyles of each person, the body has totally different requirements when compared to another. However, there are some points in common that can be found in the perfect breakfast and which are presented below.

A Balanced And Healthy Breakfast Should Be:

Rich in proteins : Proteins are mainly related to the gain of muscle mass and in some cases, their fear (due to lack of information) is so great that many women tend to avoid them because they believe that consuming them will develop arms like those of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his golden age. However, this is totally equivocal; Women do not have that capacity due to their low production of testosterone (but that is a topic to talk in depth in another article). What I really want to say is that, in addition to contributing to the gain of lean mass, they also advance and prolong the feeling of satiety since, due to their density, they cause the food to be heavier, which leads to The body feels full sooner than normal. In addition, this sensation can be prolonged for up to several hours, avoiding the intake of junk foods in distilleries.

Rich in carbohydrates : Slowly absorbed carbohydrates or complex carbohydrates are essential in any breakfast, as these help the body receive energy throughout the hours to be 100% in the remaining activities of the day. On the other hand, simple carbohydrates or sugars are not highly recommended unless of course, that breakfast is pre-training, where immediate energy is required to be able to carry out the exercise session correctly.

Rich in healthy fats : As with carbohydrates, fats are divided into two types: Healthy fats and bad fats. Healthy fats or also called unsaturated fats, provide elements such as essential oils Omega 3. 6 and 9 that help reduce blood cholesterol levels, improving the health of the circulatory and cardiovascular system, while improving metabolism and Therefore, fat burning is induced.

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