What is the BRAT diet, and should adults follow it?

whether weight lossFor all illnesses and conditions, such as , constipation, or diabetes, there is usually a long-term diet. Stomach cold? If not, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here—to tell you all about the BRAT diet. bananarice, applesauce, toast.

“Basically, this diet involves simple intake. Easy-to-digest low-fiber foodsThe BRAT Diet is very gentle on the stomach because the foods included in the BRAT Diet are low in fat and protein and are not hard on the stomach. Less starch will result in hard stools instead of runny stools. Because the foods in this diet are bland, nausea is reduced and you feel better,” says Vidhi Chawla, nutritionist and founder of the Fisico Diet Clinic.

Agreed, Dr. Archana Batra, a nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, says that while the BRAT diet cannot cure the underlying problems causing diarrhea and upset stomach, it can cause additional symptoms, Added that it helps manage symptoms without irritating you. stomach“Being extremely bland and simple, the BRAT diet has been shown to reduce nausea tendencies,” she told indianexpress.com.

The BRAT diet can also be modified by adding bland foods such as crackers, oatmeal and broth. Probiotics such as yogurt can also help relieve symptoms of diarrhea.food like boiled potatoessteamed or boiled carrots, soft melon, bone broth, apple juice and coconut water are also recommended.

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Can adults follow this diet too?

The BRAT diet can be taken by adults who suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, but Chawla says the diet should not be followed for long because it lacks vitamins and other nutrients. “To avoid it, you have to go back to your normal diet. malnutrition‘ she told indianexpress.com.

In particular, the BRAT diet is “no longer recommended for children with diarrhea,” according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. “This is due to the emphasis on foods that are low in essential nutrients needed for recovery, such as dietary fiber and protein. Compared to not eating at all, however, the BRAT diet is probably preferable for both adults and children. Simply put, it’s not a sustainable solution: get back to your normal diet as soon as possible, even if you still have diarrhea. malnutritionsaid Dr. Battra. indianexpress.com.

She added that the BRAT diet is only useful as a short-term fix for a day or two, but should be used regularly to lose weight or treat conditions such as diverticulitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. “Important nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin B12protein, and fiber are missing from the BRAT diet,” added Dr. Batra.

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