Vicki Gunvalson Lost 22 Pounds: Before and After Photos

Change doesn’t have to wait for the New Year. Vicky Gunvalson opened exclusively every week On her 22-pound weight loss with diet and AirSculpt – and a glimpse of her transformation.

former The Real Housewives of Orange County The 60-year-old star was working on losing weight when she noticed her cellulite was becoming more pronounced.

“Cellulite looks stronger when you’re thin,” she said. we Tuesday, December 20th.So I was in the Hamptons and came across Lee Ann Locken And she looked great. I’m like, “What the hell did you do?” “She lost weight, so I did AirSculpt,” she says. I’m like “liposuction”. She says ‘No, AirSculpt’. ”

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AirSculpt is a body contouring treatment available exclusively in Elite Body Sculpture offices. This procedure permanently removes fat and tightens skin while sculpting specific areas of the body. The minimally invasive process allows rapid healing.

“I lost about 20 pounds from my heaviest a couple of years ago,” she explains, noting that her diet involves “intermittent fasting and trying to really limit things like sugar.” Still not getting the results she wanted, Gunvalson targeted her buttocks, thighs and cellulite with AirSculpt.

“I was really excited because I didn’t have to go through general anesthesia. They actually cut the cellulite bands so they don’t show up anymore,” she said.

However, the Bravo alum said he knew AirSculpt wasn’t a time machine.

Vicki Gunvalson Lost 22 Pounds With Diet and AirSculpt Vicki Gunvalson Before and After AirSculpt

Vicky Gunvalson elite body sculpture

“Cellulite appears and pushes up the skin, [you] Get those dimples. So I’m like, ‘Okay, let them go. what can we do ‘ When [the doctor said], ‘I can definitely improve. “I can’t go back to being 20,” so I had realistic expectations,” she pointed out.

Because it does not contain common aesthetics, sutures, or pain relievers, Real Housewife ~The Ultimate Girls’ Trip~ The star was ready to attend BravoCon in New York City in October, but just three days after the procedure.

Gunvalson is thrilled with her makeover. “I’m approaching three months after her and I’m very happy with the results,” she said. “After about three weeks my bruises are gone, I put on my bathing suit and do my best to be proud of the results. Not perfect, but much better. And that’s what I needed.” Much better without going under the knife.”

This procedure helped the Chicago native reach her goal weight.

“I lost 7 pounds between my two-week checkup and my three-month checkup, but overall I lost about 22 pounds from my heaviest weight a year ago,” she said. “I’m a size 4/6 and I’m 5’8. So I don’t want to be a size 1 or 2. I’m a big girl. I like to cook. I like to eat. But I eat once a day. and that intermittent fasting has really helped me.”

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