training, diet, Harvard Business School and Bollettieri

If Maria SharapovaHer career is as good as ever, and while it’s certainly thanks to her innate tennis talent, Nick Bollettieri has undoubtedly contributed a lot to her. Her breakthrough year was her 1993. That’s when little Maria met the legendary Martina girlfriend Navratilova. Navratilova saw her extraordinary potential in her and encouraged her parents to enroll her in her IMG her academy directed by Nick Bollettieri.

Too small, Maria had to wait until she entered her ninth year, but thanks to a grant from IMG, seeing her immense talent, she paid an annual fee worth a total of $35,000. rice field.

In early 2022, Maria Sharapova said in an interview that Nick Bollettieri had the upper hand over her and how decisive her sage advice was to get the kind of successful career she had. emphasized.

Maria Sharapova’s Secrets: Workouts, Diet, Harvard Business School, Bollettieri

Maria’s training mixes bodyweight and weight sessions, kickboxing lessons, and functional training at parks, beaches, and parks.

She also often uses ankle braces to bolster her workload. She also practices squats, push-ups, and yoga. Of her diet, she said: “I started my day healthy, drank lots of lemon water, and have been doing this my whole career. Then followed kale, lemon, spinach, and Green smoothies, sometimes with small apples or avocados.

I usually pair it with rye toast. I’m not very picky about food these days, much more picky than when I was playing.” You once enrolled in Harvard Business School to study economics after being disqualified for doping. Did.

Since 2018, the former Russian star has been romantically linked to British entrepreneur Alexander Gilkes, and she welcomed her first child, Theodore, just this year.

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