Top 6 Best Chest Exercises for Mass

Top 6 best chest exercises for massIf you are confused about the best chest exercises for mass and which to include in your chest workout routine, then you hit the right place. This article on ‘Top 6 best chest exercises for mass’ is specially created for you. Always people do heavy weight chest training but not able to see much difference, the reason is that either they are not doing it properly, not including the ‘best chest workouts’ or may have an unbalanced diet. To make a bigger and stronger chest, you should have a good knowledge of chest anatomy.

The major chest muscle is known as pectoral muscle which is further divided into two parts which are:- upper chest (clavicular head) and lower chest (sternocostal head).

The problem with a majority of people is that they mainly focus on their lower chest. Here, we want to inform you that if you want a bigger and complete build chest, then you have to work equally on your both upper and lower chest. If you only focus towards your lower chest (sternocostal head) then you will not be able to achieve enough mass. Whereas, if you focus more on your upper chest (clavicular head) you may have loose lower chest and may look like ‘man boobs’. Working on both part of the chest is important.

So, to build a bigger chest you need to include the best chest exercises in your workout routine to increase your chest mass. It should include both the upper chest workout and lower chest workout. So, that major chest area is affected and you should have a well-developed chest. One more important thing is that you must support your exercise with solid diets and supplements like whey protein for muscle development, creatine for strength and to build lean mass.

Chest Anatomy
  • Pectoralis Major: (Large Chest Muscle) The muscle that covers most of the anterior wall of the chest.
  • Pectoralis Minor: (Small Chest Muscle) It is a triangular muscle that rests above the bone structure under the large chest muscle.
  • Subclavius: (Collarbone Muscle) It is a small muscle between the first rib and the clavicle. It is used to protect the armpit, vascular and neural network.

Top 6 Best Chest Exercise For Mass

Bench Press

You can’t make your dream chest without including this exercise. Even a gym rookie cannot forget it to include it in his workout routine. It’s the most important exercise for chest as it focuses on both upper chest (clavicular head) and lower chest (sternocostal head). The bench press is a compound exercise it works together on chest, shoulder, and triceps, which also can be said as an upper body targeting exercise. To grow a well masculine chest you should aim to do heavy sets and lower repetitions. Make sure, to have a spotter with you when lifting heavy to prevent injuries.

Flat Bench Barbell Press
Flat Bench Barbell Press

Incline Barbell Bench Press

As we’ve already mentioned above, you should focus the same on your upper chest as on the lower chest. Incline barbell bench press is one of very important chest exercises for mass, which mostly focus on the upper chest (clavicular head) area. A well developed upper chest will give extras mass to your chest and your chest will seem bigger than its actual size. Most people make mistake in incline barbell bench press is that they do it on a high-angle inclined bench, by which all pressure comes upon the deltoids(shoulder) and less pressure on the upper chest muscles. Here, the aim is to target the upper chest. So, try to do it on a low-angles incline bench as it will put major pressure on the upper chest part (clavicular head).

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Decline Barbell Bench Press

Decline barbell bench press is one of the best exercises for mass in the lower chest part, it mostly targets on the sternocostal head. If you want a well-developed chest then this is the must include exercise in your chest workout routine. Lower chest makes a large proportion of the pectoral muscles. The more you work on your lower chest the more, bigger chest you get. Decline barbell bench press put less pressure on deltoid muscles (shoulders) as compared to other bench press exercises. It also increases pectorial muscles activation.

Decline Barbell Bench Press

Chest Dips

This is the most powerful chest workout for men. As it works on the upper body and focuses on the pectoral muscles. Dips are also very good exercise in losing fat and building muscles in the lower chest area. It also increases testosterone level in the body which enhances muscle growth and improve sex drive.

Chest Dips

There are many advantages of dips, some are:

  • Wide chest development
  • Increase in shoulder flexibility
  • Increase in strength and stamina

Wider chest; As you increase the tension under the movement, this makes it easier to achieve a better contraction through muscle fiber activation. An increase in muscle fiber activation will increase the intensity of the exercise, thus creating more muscle building stimulation to enlarge your rib cage.

Inclined Dumbbells fly

Incline Fly
Incline Fly

Most of you would be more familiar with the flat bench dumbbells fly. But by changing the angle of the bench to incline will make more pressure on the upper chest muscle. As we have to make a balance between both the upper and lower chest exercise so that the work is done equally on both the parts.  This exercise will hit the clavicular head and will increase mass in the upper chest area.

Cable Crossover

This movement, which is performed on a machine with cables, is one of the chest movements that you can exercise your chest muscles from a to z in the most efficient way. You can target your lower, upper and middle chest muscles separately by changing the height of the cables on the station.
Before moving on to the movement, we should also talk about the structure of your chest muscles to understand what effect the cable crossover can have. Your pectoral muscles are made up of two basic muscles. These are the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles. Pectoralis major starts from the anterior surface of your collarbone and runs along your breastbone and attaches to the upper arm bone. Pectoralis minor begins under this muscle, attached to your three ribs and extends to your shoulder. Both muscles help your arms move at different angles.

  • If your hands touch each other and keep moving and bring it to the cross position when you reach the end point, the Pectoralis major inner, the inner part of the chest muscles, works more. In this way, you create an opportunity to fill the gap between your chest muscles.

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