The real-life diet of Jack Champion, who ate “protein, protein, protein” to get in shape for Avatar

You mentioned bow, movement and knife training, but can you tell us a little more about the preparation required for this role?

We started with basic movements. I focused on technique before doing anything with heavy weights. Basically, I had to learn how to properly do squats, pull-ups and everything. From there, I slowly worked my way up to weightlifting, cardio, longer cardio with short high-intensity intervals, and CrossFit.

How long was the training process?

I had to maintain a shirtless figure for about two years. I had to come up with a plan that was achievable in two years. We did a lot of high rep weightlifting, high intensity interval training, boxing training, and his incline walk.because it was cool Avatar Josh made my own travel gym trailer for me so I could access it while filming. When we rented a house in Wellington, New Zealand, where we were filming, we turned the garage into a gym and my trainer lived in the attached apartment, so I was always ready to go.

What was your daily diet like during the training and filming days?

It was like protein, protein, protein. 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Instead of focusing on delicious or easy-to-eat meals, focus on protein-rich foods throughout the day and count the macros.

In the first place I that’s all I ate salmon until I got tired of it. During the live-action shoot, I ate a lot of Beyond Meat, salads, fruits, and tofu.

Are you taking protein supplements?

Well, to this day I still do. My favorite protein shakes are these pre-made premier protein shakes with only 30g of protein. It’s pretty low fat and very good for your body.

How many calories did you eat each day to reach your goals and maintain your weight?

As I grew and hit puberty, it kept changing, but was always around 2,200 calories.

The cast also had physical training in the water and trained to film long underwater takes with a breath-holding expert. Was it difficult to achieve?

I did freediving training and scuba training for 4 years. They designed a real full face mask. Because on Pandora, humans have to wear face masks to breathe oxygen from the outside. This also worked as a scuba mask for us to stay in the water for hours. At one point I held my breath for up to 5 minutes and 33 seconds.

It’s all about really relaxing in Zen, not using too much oxygen. Scuba When he was wearing the mask, he was basically diving 30 feet deep for hours at a time. A breath was taken to expel a large amount of carbon dioxide from the bloodstream, which can take up to 5 minutes, after which a very deep breath must be taken to increase the percentage of oxygen. Hmm.

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