The latest advice from diet experts: don’t diet



The current official approach is to avoid ‘restrictions’ and focus on ‘self-esteem’

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The British Dietetic Association (BDA) doesn’t want the post-Christmas shredding to start next week.of statement released on Tuesday, The association has condemned aggressive weight loss diets (or “diet fads”) for psychological reasons. The reason is that such diet promotions can lead people to “believe that they are not good enough as they are and that they must conform to the society they are perceived as.” ideal”. According to one BDA nutritionist, a healthier approach would be:

… to work on people’s self-esteem and focus on what we should be eating, rather than focusing on restrictions and more, such as increasing water and fiber, in order to make positive changes in dietary intake. to hold.

– British Dietetic Association

This definitely applies to various fashionable diets. beyonce infamous cayenne pepper dietfor example – this promises rapid weight loss side effects of malnutrition When mental illnessThe BDA is right to point out such diets. Rarely Leads to long-term weight loss.

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But is it really true that “restrictions” shouldn’t be the goal, as the BDA claims? In particular About rising Post-pandemic childhood obesity. The BDA’s claim to “balance and moderation” is the so-called “Eat with Intuition”is an anti-diet diet that encourages people to abandon strict diets and instead respond wisely to hunger cues, with the goal of ultimately settling down to a healthy weight.

The problem is that our modern environment is designed to completely hijack our intuition when it comes to food. I’m getting bigger, and social media is flooded with posts with titles like “Intuitive Eating Made Me Fat!”

Given that 21st-century Westerners are exposed to tons of cheap, delicious calories, this isn’t surprising. If we offer our Stone Age brain an ice cream, our Stone Age intuition will clearly answer “yes!”

If they can be persuaded to be honest about it, most people who are consistently thin in the modern world impose some sort of strict limit on themselves. skipping meals, counting calories every day for years (personally, my secret is my moderately dysfunctional exercise addiction).

And celebrities who are in great shape suffer badly for their bodies.Jack Dorsey eat only one meal a dayKim Kardashian get up at 4am and exerciseand Madonna forget Wheat, eggs, meat, dairy productssurvive on a diet consisting primarily of seaweed.

Most people don’t have the necessary self-control to maintain such a lifestyle. strongly influenced by genetics. For people whose intuition is not well suited to our super-rich environment, the only proven, long-term effective tool for managing obesity is neither a “fad diet” nor an intuitive diet. bariatric surgerya highly novel form of appetite restriction, a medical intervention that responds to a highly novel food environment.

Surgically reducing stomach volume is not balanced, moderate, or natural, and is definitely directed towards ‘limitation’.

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