The Importance of Testosterone for a Healthy Man

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that belongs to the group of androgens, which can be produced by the human body. It reproduces in the testicles in men and in the ovarian region in women. Testosterone is a reproductive source for men. Low levels of testosterone deficiency can inhibit reproduction by lowering the number of sperm required for reproduction. That’s why Testosterone is vital in sperm production. In men, testosterone levels increase in adolescence and begin to decrease after the age of 30. Testosterone benefits are enormous. Almost all body functions, from reproduction, sexual desire to muscle development, need testosterone.

Testosterone benefits

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Healthy and strong bones
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Increased red blood cells
  • Increase in sperm quality
  • Improved mood
  • Memory and thinking ability
  • Increased Sexual Performance

Why is testosterone important?

Testosterone is very beneficial for the body. Testosterone plays an important role, especially in the development of men. That’s why it’s called the male hormone. We can say that it is testosterone hormones that make men male. It provides healthy development of muscles and bones as well as testosterone has an effect on sexual development. It affects the body’s fat storage and red blood cell production. Testosterone is a hormone that can even affect a man’s mood. We can say that the lack of testosterone hormone that plays such an important role is quite dangerous. Although testosterone deficiency does not show the same symptoms in every person, it can cause various problems in the later stages. Especially in hormone disorders such as hypogonadism, its effects can be quite high. We can list these problems as follows.

Testosterone deficiency in men

  • Hair loss
  • Muscle loss
  • Gynecomastia
  • Anemia
  • Focus problem
  • Testicle shrinkage
  • Getting fat
  • Muscle and bone weakness
  • Energy Loss
  • Moodiness
  • Depression
  • Diffidence

Testosterone level naturally begins to decrease after the age of 30s. However, this is not considered hypogonadism (hormone deficiency). Health problems can cause testosterone levels to decrease. Cancer treatments such as testicle injury, radiation and chemotherapy can also be listed as diseases that can cause testosterone deficiency, such as Aids, alcoholism, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis.

Symptoms of low testosterone in women

  • Irregular menstrual period
  • Dry vagina
  • Osteoporosis (osteoporosis)
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Abnormal breast tissue
  • Fertility problems

The effect of testosterone level on sexual life

Could it be because one of the reasons for being called a male hormone is because of sex life? yes it may be .. we can say this is another reason. Sexual desires may decrease in testosterone hormone deficiency. Signs of reluctance to the opposite sex can create problems caused by the hormone testosterone. When there is not enough testosterone production, erection problems arise, which is reflected as sexual weakness against the opposite sex and causes psychological problems in the person. If not enough testosterone hormone is secreted, a person can even cool down from his partner. For these reasons, there are conflicts and quarrels in Marriages. In such cases, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately and be treated for testosterone deficiency.

How Much should a Testosterone Level be?

Low levels of testosterone can cause infertility in masculinity. According to the American urology association, if the testosterone level in an adult man is below 300 ng / dL, it is considered a low testosterone level. According to the Rochester University medical center, the testosterone level for men is reported to be normal between 280 and 1,100 ng / dL. In this case, levels below 280-300 Ng-dL are indicated as the levels to start testosterone therapy.

Foods that increase testosterone

Along with your doctor’s advice, you can consider testosterone boosting foods as a natural supplement in low Testosterone treatments. The two food sources that are important for your diet are Zinc and Vitamin D, both leading in the production of testosterone. In this article, we can suggest you to consume foods that highlight these two nutrients. An adult man can consume 11 mg of zinc a day.

  • Tuna fish
  • Low-Fat Milk
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Egg yolk
  • Oysters
  • Almonds
  • Red meat
  • Beans
  • Artichoke
  • ginger lobster
  • Banana
  • Tribulus
  • Ashwagandha
  • spinach
  • Hazelnut
  • Walnut
  • Pea

How to Increase Natural Testosterone?

Exercise and weight training

  • Studies have found that men who exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels than men who do not exercise (1). It is a known fact that weight training increases testosterone levels. Therefore, regular weight training benefits the increase in testosterone. (2)

Balanced and Healthy Eating

  • Sufficient protein intake and a balanced diet will cause testosterone levels to be maintained and fat loss (3). The same is true for carbohydrates and fats. So the effect of Nutrition is very important for Testosterone levels.
    Excess carbohydrate consumption and excess fat consumption should also be avoided, but you do not need to cut them completely. you should just get in the habit of eating a balanced diet. The body needs carbohydrates for energy, quality carbohydrate consumption is as important as protein consumption.

Stay away from stress

  • Studies have shown that high cortisol hormone levels cause long-term stress and dangers. (4) Stress and high cortisol can increase weight gain and storage of harmful fats in the body. This causes decreased testosterone levels. (5)
    Stress has a negative effect on testosterone. Getting away from stress and controlling it is important not only to correct Testosterone levels, but also to get rid of all the troubles.

Vitamin and Mineral supplements

  • As a result of a 1-year study, it has been shown that supplementing approximately 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day increases testosterone levels by 25%. (6) You can benefit from sunlight and supplement vitamins.
    Vitamin D3 supplementation helps increase testosterone levels, especially in the elderly and people with low levels of vitamin D in the blood.

Healthy Sleep and Rest

  • The effect of sleep on testosterone; Studies have shown that sleeping 5 hours a night has a 15% drop in testosterone levels. Sleeping for 7-10 hours a night is the most effective time frame for your health and testosterone. (7)
    Sleep regulates the rhythm and biological clock of the body. It triggers a quality sleep growth hormone. The importance of sleep is very important especially for athletes.

Zinc and Magnesium

  • In the research, the use of zinc and vitamin b shows that sperm quality has increased by 74% (8).
  • Also, studies on vitamin C have been observed to increase the quality of sperm count. This shows that vitamins and minerals are effective at testosterone level(9).
  • Researchers found important information, including that people with low testosterone levels increase testosterone and sperm count after zinc consumption. However, in people with a good testosterone level, they observed that zinc does not have much benefit. (10)

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

  • Vitamin D and zinc have been proven by the strongest research as testosterone enhancers. Other vitamins may also benefit testosterone levels, but more research is still ongoing. It has been observed in studies that Ashwagandha Morseraceae plant has strong effects on testosterone levels and reproductive health. (11– 12– 13)
  • Another clinical study found that it significantly improved mental health, concentration, energy levels, social functionality, vitality and overall well-being in workers with moderate to severe anxiety. (14)
  • Participants in a study found that after only 30 days of ashwagandha supplementation, a decrease in body fat percentage and increased muscle strength.(15)

Why is Testosterone Important for Bodybuilders?

Muscle growth and muscle strength increase are the biggest anabolic effects. As the muscle mass increases, the level of testosterone surrounding the body increases. Testosterone increases the levels of growth hormone produced by the body in response to exercise. Growth hormone also plays a role in protein synthesis and muscle growth. That’s why some athletes try to build muscle mass using testosterone hormone.

When testosterone intake is done externally, the body stops natural testosterone production and the muscles begin to be fed by chemical testosterone. Taking more amounts of testosterone than the body produces accelerates muscle development and gets an incredible increase in strength. Meanwhile, since natural testosterone production in the body is interrupted, hormonal disorders begin to occur in the body, some professional athletes closely monitor these processes and divide them into time periods with various cycles and try to prevent the breakdown and hormonal disorders in the body.

Taking chemical testosterone into the body is dangerous. It is always more useful to try natural methods.

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