The Buddhist Origins Of The Shojin Ryori Diet

Shojin ryori meals typically include seasonal soup, three side dishes, rice and pickles. Sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, and miso are used in moderation to flavor dishes, and according to Arigato Japan, dashi is an important ingredient, but instead of the fish products commonly found in Japanese cuisine, dashi in shojin ryori Made with vegetables. such as dried kombu and mushrooms. Swapping meat and fish for vegetable substitutes is known as modoki cuisine, explains By Food.

Made with carefully prepared ingredients, Shojin ryori meals are not tasteless. Seasonal vegetables, nuts and soybeans are important components of the menu, not only because they represent the cycle of nature, but also because they are believed to be good for the body. Use pumpkins and sweet potatoes to replenish your energy. Daikon radishes are a popular ingredient in soups, garnishes, or pickles because they are nutritious, affordable, and versatile.

Side dishes vary throughout the year, but often include tofu, sesame paste, and sesame tofu made with wasabi. Arigato Japan describes the dish as seemingly simple, but points out that it takes time to prepare it correctly.

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