Sharing Dietary Restrictions Can Feel Uncomfortable, But Here’s How To Get Used To It

As obvious as it may seem, inform your host of any dietary restrictions as soon as you receive the invitation and know you would like to attend. You can now see what’s safe to eat from chat with your host, allowing them to start thinking about their options. Yes, dietary restrictions can feel like a burden, whether it’s allergies, intolerances, or intentional diets. Opening yourself up can be scary. So how do you deal with the looming conversation start?

First, you need to lean back into that feeling of awkwardness, HuffPost reported. be aware that is reduced. Licensed therapist Daniel Lockriarche says that this “…difficulty expressing boundaries” is normal and stems from fear of how others will react.

A way to increase the courage to open up these conversations is to give yourself incentives, such as making family functions or being with friends your end goal. The fact that we are doing this for the sake of Being candid and open about your dietary restrictions also doesn’t mean you have to reveal everything. Remember you are defending yourself. You are in control of what you share.

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