Science Explains a Downside to Mixing Booze and Diet Soda

Suppose two identical people are sitting at a bar. One of them is her drinking bourbon and cola. Another one of hers is drinking bourbon and dieting her cola. Which one will be more affected? By the way, this is not a trick question. Diet He may find that someone who mixes booze with Coke is more aroused than others.

You can thank TikTok for this fascinating foray into the science of booze and diet soda, according to a new article from VinePair. As detailed in the article, one Lorin Powell decided to investigate the effects of drinking whiskey and soda versus drinking whiskey and diet soda with the help of breathalyzer tests.

All else being equal, the combination of Powell’s Jack Daniel’s and Diet Coke gave her a higher blood alcohol content than drinking comparable amounts of Jack and Coke. Extended by TikTok user Dr. Karan Raj. Dr. Raj explained that the sugar in standard cola slows the absorption of alcohol into the body.

As the VinePair article points out, the differences in the BACs recorded by Powell are significant. Another factor to keep in mind when drinking is that a low intake of sugar from a mixer can have unintended consequences.

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