Raptors’ shooting woes put their fans on a potato-free diet

As the Raptors’ shooting woes mount and the team dips below .500, fans have another worry: French fries.

The Raptors have been running a promotion with McDonald’s for the last four seasons, and fans receive free medium flies if the team sinks 12 3-pointers in a single game.

Fan Yonis Bader said, “This season, it feels like it’s never going to happen. You feel like you’ll never get it.”

The Raptors made 12 or more 3-pointers in 48 games last season, shooting 34.9 percent and averaging 11.9 per game. I participated. Their 3-pointer percentage was just 30.6 over the last 10 games. A rare opportunity for French fries.

And this season, when the Raptors make a dozen, there’s another obstacle to getting fries: a $1 minimum purchase at McDonald’s. to receive the prize.

“I remember those days, I used to go there all the time because I was just coming to buy fries and cuts,” says Noël Fermin. “I don’t go much anymore because I have to make the first payment.”

Some fans feel that the number of threes should decrease as investment increases.

“It makes sense they said 12 threes. If you don’t have a purchase, you can get fries. But now they’re lowering it with a purchase[which they’re doing], I expect them to bring it down, right?” Bader said adding a new goal would be “nine or 10 people.”

Fermin believes fans should be able to combine this promotion with others. “They have a coupon that lets him buy a sandwich for $4.99. I want free fries with it because he already paid $5 for that sandwich.”

Another fan, Cameron Ryan, suggests a different method. The Philadelphia 76ers offer a free tick his filly his nugget if an opposing player misses his throw for the second time in a row, and NHL teams make deals over goals.

“Probably[the Raptors]will under/over. If they score 108 points or more, or something like that, you get fries,” Ryan said. Score three goals and you get a $3 Big Mac.”

The Raptors have scored 108 or more points 16 times this season.

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