NY man sues Liver King for ‘deceiving’ consumers about diet

The “King of Liver” Brian Johnson tricked his customers into buying supplements, claiming he achieved a ripped physique on a raw liver diet.

The fitness influencer admitted earlier this month that his muscular body was achieved not by the primitive lifestyle he peddles, but by an expensive expensive steroid regimen.

Now New Yorker Christopher Altomare has filed a lawsuit against the bodybuilder and his companies, Ancestral Supplements, LLC and The Fittest Ever, LLC, alleging that they tricked consumers into buying his products. .

According to the Manhattan Supreme Court, Johnson pitched a lifestyle of nine of his ancestral doctrines, including eating tenets, which encourage eating raw liver and testicles.

In fact, his brand contained “dangerous and life-threatening diets” that caused “a majority of consumers” to suffer “severe” food-borne illnesses, the lawsuit alleges Wednesday. did.

Liver tycoon Brian Johnson has been sued for selling supplements that concealed steroid use from consumers.
Instagram/Liver King

According to the complaint, a diet that forced consumers to consume liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, kidney, raw bull testicles, and raw sweetbread was unsustainable and forced consumers to purchase Johnson’s supplements. I had no choice.

“By repeatedly stating to consumers that his near-perfect physique and optimal health can only be attributed to his adoption of the doctrine of his ancestry, the doctrine of primarily eating, River King is asking what We persuaded millions of consumers to abide by the doctrine of food,” Suit Rates.

The diet did not have enough nutrients, and users had to purchase supplements to maintain vitamins.
The liver king diet extruded liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, kidney, raw bull testicles, and raw sweat bread.

Johnson, who began posting on Instagram in August 2021 and has amassed more than 1.7 million followers since then, says rigorous training and a “modern caveman” diet are the secrets to his lean body. I swear.

He previously denied using performance-enhancing drugs.

Altomare and other consumers would have continued to buy Johnson's products, "If Defendant Liver King's steroid use had not been disclosed," Application request.
Johnson admitted to taking steroids and apologized in a video earlier this month.
YouTube / Liver King

However, in late November, a fitness journalist posted a YouTube video revealing emails Johnson exchanged with another bodybuilder in which he admitted he was taking $11,000 worth of steroids a month.

In response, Johnson apologized for the lie in a December 1 video, admitting: Yes I am on steroids. ”

In its complaint, Altomare said it purchased Johnson’s “cult” brand and purchased its products after being lured by the influencer’s “consumer-oriented and deceptive behavior.” [his] False representations and omissions. ”

He and other consumers would have continued to purchase Johnson’s products “if defendant Liver King’s steroid use had not been disclosed.”

Johnson and his company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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