Midland TOPS club members dedicated to helping one another lose weight

Midland, TX (KOSA) – The TOPS club in Midland is a support group for people trying to lose weight in the area, but the club does not enforce diet plans. Members are simply there for each other, helping each other to achieve their individual goals.

Here’s how it changed the life of TOPS Midland leader Mike Elliott.

“Comrades, everyone here has gone through the same trials and tribulations that everyone has gone through. Told.

Elliott is the TOPS 2021 Texas King, a title he never imagined he would win.

“Well, what you have there is the best king of state I’ve ever had. I’m very humbled about it, I’m proud of it, I love it. There is no better feeling than accomplishing what you set out to do.

Elliott’s journey began about ten years ago when he weighed about 340 pounds.

He says he was hesitant to join because he didn’t realize the group was just there for support and didn’t want to be told what to eat.

“We’re not going to tell you what your diet is. It’s your business that you have to find out what your body does. You help support that.”

This group will optionally weigh-in so that participants can track their own goals. If you reach your goals, you can earn awards for your progress.

The Midland club is unique in having state and international king and state queen winners.

Daniel Labowski, 2019 King of the State and King of the World, said, “In the beginning, I needed encouragement to reach my goals, but now I want to inspire others to reach their goals. I’m trying

Labowski weighed about 459 pounds when he first participated in 2017 with his sister, which made it difficult to walk, but now he’s down to 220 pounds.

Labowski is now a big advocate of walking. When I met him, he had walked about ten miles that day alone.

“For one of my birthdays, I got diabetes and heart disease, so I hope others lose weight before it hurts their health,” Labowski said.

About 15 people currently attend the group meeting held every Thursday at 6:30 pm at Christian Church in Midland.

For them, health is paramount, says Labowski, don’t be like him.

“They’re trying to lose weight, but they don’t know what to do, they can’t do this, they can’t do that, come talk to us,” Elliot said.

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