Mediterranean diet could lower risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy

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Studies have shown that pregnant women who follow the well-known Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of developing fatal illnesses. illness during pregnancy.

the risk of preeclampsia Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California, found a 28% reduction in women who followed the diet.

The disease affects 1 in 14 pregnant women, including Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey. It occurs when a pregnant woman has very high blood pressure that damages the kidneys and liver.

Doctors and nutritionists alike welcome the Mediterranean diet for its ability to prevent heart and brain problems and improve overall health.

The study used information from 7,798 women and was released Thursday JAMA network open.

During their first pregnancy, participants who were expecting their first child were invited to complete a meal frequency questionnaire.

The questionnaire asked women about their dietary patterns and general food and drink consumption in the three months prior to the visit.

“We also looked at the individual components of the Mediterranean diet and found that higher intakes of vegetables, legumes and seafood were associated with a lower risk of unfavorable pregnancy outcome. said Dr. Bello, director of hypertension research at Cedars-Sinai.

The results showed that a higher Mediterranean diet score was associated with a 21% lower risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Specifically, the risk of gestational diabetes was reduced by 37% and the risk of pre-eclampsia by 28%.

Diet is an “essential lifestyle approach” to prevent unfavorable pregnancy outcomes, according to Professor Christine Albert, chair of the Department of Cardiology.

This may be especially beneficial for pregnant women over the age of 35.

According to Professor Albert, these findings are “a growing body of research showing that a Mediterranean-style diet may play an important role in maintaining the health of women throughout their lives, especially during pregnancy.” is further substantiated.”

Long-term studies are needed to determine whether promoting a Mediterranean-style diet during and before conception avoids pregnancy problems and reduces future cardiovascular risk, according to Dr. Bello. .

Worldwide, up to 8% of pregnant women suffer from pre-eclampsia. In the United States, it is believed to be responsible for her 15% of premature births. Every year, 500,000 infants die and about 76,000 maternal deaths.

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