Marlon Humphrey added interesting food to diet while injured

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey has a reputation for creating and participating in controversy. His latest creation might make your stomach churn.

“When I got hurt, I hit Kimo,” Humphrey told reporters. “This offseason, when I was recovering from an injury, I went for raw liver. I’m not going to lie.”

The Liver King is what TikTok star Brian Johnson calls himself. He amassed millions of followers by posting videos of himself eating a raw meat platter.

Humphrey wanted to try some on himself to see if it would help his recovery.

“I tried to drink a little and chug with water. Obviously, it doesn’t look totally jacked. So maybe that’s why it didn’t work,” Humphrey said.

The sixth-year cornerback said, “I wanted to be a River King,” although he understands he took it “a little too extreme.”

To his credit, he ate both cooked and raw liver.

“Raw is just tough,” Humphrey added. “I tried to swallow it whole. It was cooked and I tried to chew it, but it turned into a paste.”

CB, 26, admitted it wasn’t for everyone, and it wasn’t for most people.

“Not recommended,” concludes Humphrey. “not good.”

Humphrey has compiled a solid 2022 season with 56 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 6 passes defended. His raw liver didn’t jack him, but it may have helped him play a bit.

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