Lose Weight with Diet Therapy

With repeated measurements every week, we determine whether the weight is from adipose tissue or muscle tissue and arrange the nutrition programs of the people accordingly. In order to get a healthy result in the weight loss process with diet therapy, weekly weight loss should be between 0.5 and 1 kg. However, it is very important that the weight lost is due to the excess fat in the body. To determine this, we use a special scale called the bioelectric impedance system that analyzes body composition.

With body composition analysis, you will have access to data that determine the current state of your body, such as your body fat mass, muscle and fluid ratio, metabolic rate, where your excess weight is estimated, your age of metabolism, the state of fat around organs.

The goal of diet therapy programs is to maintain this weight for a lifetime after reaching the desired weight, and to transform the habit of sufficient and balanced nutrition into a lifestyle.

Implementing a weight loss program requires constant maintenance of people’s morale and dieting power. Throughout the diet, people are followed by nutrition and dietitians.

How Should Diet Therapy Be?

Body structure and metabolism of every individual is not the same. While getting rid of the excess weight of the person, it is necessary to prepare a nutrition program by paying attention to his age, height, gender, weight, physical activity, whether he has any illness, dietary habits and socioeconomic status.

Therefore, although the general principles are similar, the diet list must be personal.

Additional Treatment Methods to Diet Therapy

Exercise Therapy

Obese patients often have health problems while exercising due to their excessive weight; For example, problems in the knee joint due to excessive load affect the sport. These problems cause the patient to stop exercising altogether, gaining more weight, and entering a vicious circle.

In order for these patients to start exercising again, obesity specialists working in private health institutions organize a program consisting of exercises such as swimming and water gymnastics that are most suitable for their health condition. Generally, even a 45-minute activity to be done at least 3 days a week can be effective in losing weight.

Behavior Change Therapy

Diet therapy and exercise programs can be effective in losing weight. However, if the patient sees these programs as cures with a certain duration and returns to his old sedentary life at the end of it, it may lead to weight gain again.

These patients are recommended to make changes in their living habits, for example to take the subway instead of driving constantly, and to focus on different programs filled with sports activities such as trekking and ski trips instead of meal programs on weekends.


If the patient has any disease that causes weight gain, metabolic problems (such as reactive hypoglycemia, insulin resistance), drug treatment is applied to these problems under the supervision of a doctor.

However, drug therapy should not be understood directly from the treatment of obesity, because there is no FDA-approved truly safe and effective drug that can be prescribed for obesity treatment.

Diet list

Healthy eating has become one of the most striking issues, especially in recent years. With the increase in obesity day by day, people apply to various diets to get rid of their excess weight.

At the top of these diet lists are the lists that have been in fashion recently. However, constant dieting can cause obsession after a while. For such situations, you can get help from dieticians and you can lose weight with the diet list that your dietician deems appropriate as a result of various measurements.

Although diets with high protein and low carbohydrate content are generally seen as a fast weight loss method, 80% of those who practice quickly regain their weight.

It is as important to lose weight while dieting, as well as maintaining the weight lost. For this reason, experts warn those who are on a diet to follow their lists according to a balanced diet list, not according to the current diet list.

In order to lose weight in a healthy way and to maintain the weight you have lost in the long term, your diet list should be planned specifically for you, taking into account your physical activities, mood and eating habits.

After applying some diet lists, although the scale seems to have lost weight, it is often seen that even one size does not shrink, and on the contrary causes sagging or enlargement in the body.

If there is no sagging, enlargement or contraction in your body, be careful! Such situations mean that quality weight is not lost. Especially if you want to apply a diet list for aesthetic purposes, you should do exercises for muscle tightness together with diet.

Carbohydrate-fat-protein and vitamin balance, which varies according to each body, is different. If these foods are not taken correctly with the diet list you apply, there are various health problems as well as muscle loss and subsequently sagging in the body.

With the right diet list and planning, you will get a sufficient and balanced diet. You will feel more energetic and happy with food suggestions that you can easily adapt to your life.

At the same time, you will learn to maintain your weight with nutritional changes on diet lists. While body weight and fat ratio are in ideal ranges, you will lose weight in fat mass instead of muscle and water loss.

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