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Lake Placid News editor Andy Flynn walks down Main Street during the 2015 Lake Placid Half Marathon. During the race, he beat the previous year’s time by about an hour. (News photo — Lou Reuters)

May 10: £490

May 31 (surgery): £460

December 27: £393

Total loss: £97.

Wearing the Lake Placid Diet Racing Shirt, Lake Placid News editor Andy Flynn won two medals at the Lake Placid Half Marathon, the Biggest Loser 5K at Plattsburgh, and the Lake Placid Classic 10K finisher’s medals. show off. (News photo — Andy Flynn)

This is what holiday eating feels like 7 months after bariatric surgery.

I’m in the movie as a fighter pilot struggling to regain control of my aircraft. You have to do your best.

Sound familiar?

I’ve decided I’ve had enough, but it’s hard to let go. This is how I felt on Tuesday morning, December 27, even before I weighed myself. The week of Christmas she gained 8 pounds in a week.

Even before New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I’m ready for the holidays to end.This feeling that I have to eat whatever food I want, even if it’s less than before my sleeve gastrectomy on May 31st. I am ready to return to my own behavior and lose even more weight using a new tool, a deflated stomach called a sleeve.

These feelings are normal during the holiday season for anyone struggling with weight problems. let’s

But it feels like the stakes are high this year. I never want to go back to my all-time high of 499 lbs in June 2021. Never over 400 lbs again. And if all goes well, it will never go above 300 again. We’ve come this far, but we still have a long way to go.

Let’s look back at 2022. She weighed 490 pounds on May 10, just before the pre-surgery diet began. Then I started to lose weight, so I hit some goals.

Tie Your Sneakers: June 28

Fits in my car (2012 Ford Focus): 4th of July

¯ Cane-free: Dec. 1 (but you will still need a cane regularly when your muscles are sore from exercise or when a storm front is approaching)

¯ Wearing socks without a sock machine: December 3rd

¯ Walking normally again: getting better day by day.

In 2022, I didn’t walk the 5K and 10K as I wanted, but this summer I was able to walk 2.3 miles at the North Elba Showgrounds. A few months ago, I couldn’t even walk to the end of the street and couldn’t look back.

It’s no surprise that we struggle with emotional eating. I expected this behavior as it is one of the biggest challenges bariatric patients face on roller coaster journeys. You can’t really plan for this hurdle, but the people at the Adirondack Health Bariatric Center recommended starting healthy habits before surgery and continuing with healthier habits afterward. They said they would need it when they came back.

That’s the key. From 490 pounds in May he went from 383 pounds on December 15th to 107 pounds in just seven months. And that’s how I recovered from this week’s setback (weighing 393 pounds on Dec. 27) to under 300.

healthy habits.

It was easier to stay on track when my diet was more restricted. They consumed only liquids, then pureed foods, and soft foods before they were strong enough to handle regular foods such as beef. He only recently started eating beef, and it has been over six months since his surgery. Early in my recovery, there was no room for deviations or emotional eating. .

But now that I have more food to eat, I suffer from emotional eating. It has always been my downfall. Unfortunately, surgery does nothing for emotional eating. When I’m stressed, I feel free to do anything and my brain says: “Try this. Try it. Test your limits. Don’t worry; you’ll be fine.” It’s like a seductive woman who invites you to overeat. And I listen. Instead of fighting, give in. And now it’s bothering me again.

This is a new year and a time to get back to fighting, a healthy routine and a healthy frame of mind.

This should sound familiar to many.

I’m trying to get back into healthy habits and create new ones, such as exercising regularly. I’ve started going back to the gym, but it’s not yet a routine. I know it’s essential for this to work.

What keeps me motivated is my success in 2022 and past successes like walking the Lake Placid Half Marathon in 2014 and 2015 and other races. In his dressing room at home, he hangs his finisher’s medal on his yellow Lake Placid Diet Racing Shirt. (This is his 4X shirt, which fits snugly on his 6X body from before this one.) And I keep seeing pictures of myself walking the 2015 half marathon. It fuels my fights. It keeps me going. We look forward to returning in 2023.

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