Just One Diet Coke Or Pepsi Max A Day Can Triple Your Risk Of Stroke

Put Diet Coke on the bottom. Again, put down the Diet Coke! You probably know that drinking soda is bad for you, but your choice of going on a diet is not so good.

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Sure, diet sodas are marketed as calorie- and sugar-free, but what exactly are you drinking anyway? .

Why do people drink this in the first place? No nutritional value at all, right? I don’t even feel the difference between diet and regular soda. It’s a little scary because it feels like you’re adding a lot to make up for being a diet when it’s far more detrimental to you.

But people drink diet soda even though it doesn’t make sense. And these people were found to be three times more likely to suffer a stroke or dementia.

Drinking just one bottle of Diet Coke or Pepsi Max a day triples your risk of stroke.

Just one diet drink a day can triple your chance of having a fatal stroke, according to a study. said further investigation was needed.

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