Is your kid a picky eater? Try incorporating veggies in their diet with these yummy dishes

Eating healthy can be a constant struggle against temptations and distractions. It is even more difficult for children, because it is difficult for them to understand its significance. nutritioneven when it doesn’t taste good. Many parents complain about the same thing. The child dislikes vegetables and chooses them or avoids them altogether.

Nutritionist Garima Goyal shares a list of foods that are both appealing and healthy for children because they are full of vegetables.

“Add color, size, and shape to your meal to make it appealing. Serving it in colorful, attractive tableware also helps,” says the expert.

1.) spinach: make it spinach Kihidi, spinach besanchilla, spinach oat pancakes, spinach sauce pasta, spinach corn sandwich, spinach savory muffin, spinach and fruit smoothie, sauce and spinach fritters, chickpea tikki.

2.) Mustard greens: Incorporate mustard greens into your child’s diet by making mustard greens idli, mustard greens and chana dal, mustard greens salad, quinoa, and mustard greens kebabs.

3.) Gourd (gia/rauki): Find gourd and apple puree, gourd kheer, gourd halwa, gourd kulfi, gourd recipes cooked rice.

Four.) Goya (Carrera): Make these dishes to make carrera delicious for your kids: stuffed carrera cheeseCalera and Paneer Bhurji, Goya Kebab, Goya Tikki.

Five.) Round Gourd/Apple Gourd (Tinda): one way to make someone taste Tinda is to make Methi Tinda Pulao.

6.) Ridge gourd (Tori/turiya): If you want your turiya to taste better, be sure to include these dishes in your diet: ridge gourd raita, ridge gourd and besan pakora, turiya chutney, and ridge gourd cutlet.

7. ) lettuce: Check out recipes for lettuce-heavy homemade sables, Mexican-style layered salads, and lettuce wraps.

8.) pumpkin: Pumpkin puree, let’s make pumpkin pancakePumpkin Muffins, Pumpkin Chia Pudding, Pumpkin Lassi, or Pumpkin Oatmeal to make sure your child gets the pumpkin flavor.

It’s a nutritious menu that’s sure to fill you up. vegetable.

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