Intermittent Fasting-Style Diet May Put Diabetes in Remission

Nearly half of participants who followed an intermittent calorie-restricted diet for three months achieved diabetes remission and no longer needed to take diabetes medication, according to a small new study by Chinese researchers.

Equally noteworthy, these individuals maintained their remission and were able to remain drug-free at the 1-year time point. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The study shows that type 2 diabetes is not necessarily a permanent, lifelong disease, said co-author Dongbo Liu, PhD, a researcher at Hunan Agricultural University in Changsha, China. If you change your diet and exercise habits to lose weight, you can get diabetes into remission,” he says.

Intermittent fasting may mean restricting calories and eating only at certain times of the day

Intermittent fasting (IF) refers to a meal schedule that alternates periods of fasting (fasting) and eating. There are various plans, such as a calorie restriction plan for a specific time of the day or a specific day of the week. This type of diet is becoming a popular way to lose weight and has been shown to help people reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes, so researchers have found a very specific type of diet. I decided to look at the impact of the IF diet on people who already have diabetes.

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