I’m a doctor – here’s why drinking Diet Coke as a mixer will get you drunk faster than regular

They may be more popular among waistline-conscious drinkers.

But diet mixers actually make you more intoxicated than regular full-fat alternatives.


Det mixers can cause sickness faster than regular mixersCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Dr. Karan Raj explains to his 5 million followers why drinking Diet Coke as a mixer can help you get drunk


Dr. Karan Raj explains to his 5 million followers why drinking Diet Coke as a mixer can help you get drunk
Sugar in regular cola slows stomach emptying, expert explains


Sugar in regular cola slows stomach emptying, expert explains

Dr. Karan Rajan, who regularly shares health tips on TikTok, explained why you should choose a red can over a silver can if you don’t want to hit the floor before your peers.

“The sugar in regular cola slows gastric emptying into the small intestine and slows absorption into the bloodstream,” he said.

It is for the same reason that drinking on an empty stomach makes you get drunk faster.

This theory was tested by TikToker’s Loryn Powell. He drank his two variations of the drink, including whiskey, on his two separate days.

She drank four glasses of Jack Daniel’s whiskey on two separate occasions.

TikToker was shocked to learn that Regular Coke has a BAC (Blood Alcohol Accompaniment) of 0.061 percent and Diet Coke has a BAC of 0.086 percent.

Previously, scientists at Northern Kentucky University in the United States analyzed the breath of 20 men and women after drinking vodka mixed with lemonade or diet lemonade.

They found that the amount of alcohol was the same in both cases, but up to 25% higher in the low-calorie blender.

The NHS recommends women and men drink no more than 14 units per week, and depending on strength, a pint of beer is equivalent to about 2 units.

A previous study by the same team found that just one diet drink mixer, not a sweet one, could push you over your DUI limit.

Their findings showed that participants reported no longer feeling drunk and were more likely to think they could get behind the wheel.

Where to consult when you have trouble with alcohol

If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you may need to seek help.

This may be the case if you often feel the need to drink, or if you get into trouble because of it.

If others have warned you about your drinking and it’s causing you problems, it’s a good idea to see your doctor.

There are other places you can go to get help:

Researchers said the lack of awareness can lead people to unknowingly drive while intoxicated.

They also warned that women should be extra careful, because not only are they biologically more likely to get drunk faster, but they’re also more likely to order a diet mixer.

Professor Marczinski said:

“Young women may be particularly susceptible because they frequently use diet mixers with alcohol and restrict food intake when drinking to control calorie consumption and, ultimately, body weight. “

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