How to Nail Intermittent Fasting Just Like Jennifer Aniston

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Intermittent fasting is currently the biggest thing in health and wellness, and diets with the word “fasting” usually tend to scare us at first mention, but this one is different. is so popular among celebrities for a reason.

The latest celeb to cook her diet secrets is one of a kind Jennifer Aniston, who told me about her daily life radio times while advertising morning show with co-stars Reese WitherspoonWe know — dieting seems more attainable for A-listers in general, but we’ve got the stuff to make it smooth sail for you too — Noom!


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“I do intermittent fasting, so I don’t have food in the morning,” Aniston said in an interview. How do you spend your mornings? With coffee, of course, and celery juice, which has been really popular in the wellness world this year.Aniston joins the ranks of many other celebrities, including courtney kardashian, Halle Berry, Kate Walsh, Hugh Jackman When Brooke Burke Who has seen amazing results from intermittent fasting!

So how can Noom help you reach your weight loss and health goals? App-driven, personalized diet programs offer solutions that fit our lives, not just now, but for the long term. A Goal Specialist provides one-on-one guidance to help you find the best intermittent fasting method for your lifestyle and schedule. If your schedule changes, don’t panic. Let our trained experts help you figure out your next move!

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Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of ‘The Morning Show’ at the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York, USA on October 28, 2019. shutter stock

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Noom also helps you understand what types of foods to eat to get through your fasting time without stomach rumbling, bad moods, or fatigue. If we are strategic about intermittent fasting, we may actually see competing and opposite effects. You might feel like it!

Want to try Aniston’s 16/8 method? Here’s how. He consumes all of his daily calories within 8 hours and either fasts for the rest of the day or consumes only liquids for 16 hours. friend star. that’s it! You can also play around with the time zones to find the method that works best for you.

Not only will intermittent fasting lead to a dream body and a happier disposition, it may also lead to a healthier immune system and digestive tract. When you’re ready to switch to a longer-term health insurance plan, Noom is ready for you, making the transition easy!

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