How To Get Lean Without Dieting Or Counting Macros

How to lose weight without counting diets and macros? Is it possible? According to Jeff Nippard, yes.

Jeff Nippard is a born professional bodybuilder and fitness coach who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel.

Whenever someone says they want to lose weight, two things are discussed: dieting and working out. Those of you who are deeply involved in the fitness industry may also want to talk about calculating macros to get the perfect balance of nutrients for your body.

But it doesn’t have to be your only option. Find out how to lose weight without counting diets and macros, according to Nippard.

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How to lose weight without counting diets and macros

Nippard explains that there are four fat loss strategies that can help you reach your weight loss goals without resorting to diets or macro calculations.

1. Rotate carbs and fats at each meal

Nippard explains that this may be an unorthodox approach, but it helps people avoid craving and overeating.

For example, if you have 4 meals a day, you can rotate by eating protein in carbs and protein in fat.

  • Meals 1 and 3 – Protein + Carbs
  • Meals 2 and 4 – Protein + Fat

“Most of the time, the combination of carbs and fat makes food more palatable and easier to overeat, so it’s easy to limit the number of calories you actually eat.”

2. Increase fasting time between meals

Skipping breakfast or fasting between meals works for some people, but not for everyone. Some people skip breakfast and go hungry, which can backfire by being overindulged at lunch.

However, some people unknowingly limit how much they eat by shortening their meal window, making them more prone to calorie deficiencies and losing weight.

3. Reduce or eliminate high-calorie liquids

Nippard’s next take on how to lose weight without counting diets or macros is to cut down on liquid calories entirely.

Studies have found that “liquid consumption rates are much higher than solid consumption rates.” This means that people can drink more calories than they eat, making calorie drinks a villain if you want to lose weight.

is diet soda bad for youSource: Breakingpic from Pexels

Diet soda is recommended for those who like carbonated drinks.

4. Eat out less often

Of course, it is possible to choose low-calorie foods when dining out.After all, many restaurants offer salad options and diet drinks. There are very few places and you can’t really tell how much olive oil was used in the salad you just ate.

So if you want to lose weight without worrying about calories, all you have to do is eat out less. This way, you know exactly what you’re eating and don’t have to rely on having extra snacks or appetizers when you go to the restaurant.

Now you know how to lose weight without dieting or counting macros. If you want to learn more about each argument he presented, click on Nippard’s video below.

Video – How to lose weight without counting diets and macros

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