How Does The Body Develop At Home?

Bodybuilding at home workout

You don’t have to go to the gym to do sports. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of this prejudice. Those who cannot go to the sport because of the busy work tempo, you can put your body in the form you want in a short time by doing bodybuilding training at home. There is no such thing as everything will happen in the gym. The important thing is that you know what you want. We kept the list of materials required for the bodybuilding program we provided at the minimum level. Our goal is to put our body in shape by evaluating the possibilities we have with few materials.

Necessary Equipment for Bodybuilding at Home

Dumbell: Having an adjustable dummbell is always better. Some time after exercising, weights will start to be light, so with an adjustable dummbell, you can easily overcome this and ensure the tolerance in training. If you buy fixed dumbbell, it will be light for you after a while and you will feel deficient because there is no weight you want in training.. Therefore, the dummbell selection should be adjustable.

Weight bench: I can say that this coffee table is very important, it does not take up much space in your home, but it is very useful for doing sports. It prepares the ground for you for many movements from chest movement to stomach movement.

Pull-up Bar: Pull-up train many muscle groups, so it is a great movement for bodybuilding. We need a pull-up bar for bodybuilding at home, which we can attach to the door entrance or ceiling.

It does not end with adding materials necessary for bodybuilding at home, but we have determined the materials that will be most useful for us in a way that will not tire your budget. Let’s see what we can do with only 3 materials.

Can you build muscle with home workouts?

No matter where the exercises are done, the important thing is that they should be done properly. Beginners can build muscle with a dummbell and body weight training. Body weight movements are perfect for people who don’t go to the gym.

Is it possible to build body at home?

To develop the body at home, run your upper body and lower body at least two or three times a week. If you want to do bodybuilding at home, pay attention to nutrition and rest. If you feed according to the goal you set, you can successfully develop your body.

  • If you’re overweight, get rid of carbohydrates.
  • If you’re too thin, carbohydrates and protein are most beneficial for muscle growth.
  • Balanced and regular nutrition is the basic rule that takes you to the goal.

At Home Bodybuilding Exercises

1.Day Chest + Biceps

Push up

It is a practical exercise that you do by lifting your body weight. In this way, the development of the same level of chest muscles is ensured without weight inequality and the power distribution is equal. Provides tighter and more robust body strength. You can apply the movement anywhere without going to the gym.

Dumbell Press 4 x 10

Dummbell press is one of the basic chest movements.

The nice thing about the movement is that it is a free-weight exercise. In this way, without the inequality of weight, the development of the same level of chest muscles is ensured and the power distribution is equal. It also takes place in compression while printing with pushing force.

İncline Dumbell Fly 4 x 12

Incline dumbbell fly movement is a perfect compression exercise. If you want a deep chest muscle, it is one of the exercises you should do.

Pullover 4 x 8

This movement is one of the better known bodybuilding exercises performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. By performing this exercise for medium to high repetitions, you can increase the tension applied to the upper body muscles.

Pullover: It stretches the rib cage and helps it to expand and rise. Glutes and core muscles are fired to stabilize the spine and lock other joints of the body. It has the ability to train opposing muscle groups at the same time. This exercise is a good upper body joint exercise to improve muscle hypertrophy.

Biceps Crul 4 x 10

Dumbbell curl is one of the most basic arm movements. The target point of the Dummbell Curl movement is biceps muscles. You can grow and strengthen the forearm muscle by doing dumbbell training.

Concentration Curl 4 x 10

Thanks to the Concentration Curl movement, we train the Brachialis muscle, which makes our arms look large. If this small muscle mass is developed that is very important, it makes the arms look larger and more fragmented when viewed from the outside.

The brachioradialis muscle is a small muscle mass on the upper arm of the forearm, connected to the biceps and brachiolis muscle, performing the pulling task. Concentration Curl works to improve this muscle mass. In this way, larger arms and stronger wrists are built. Concentration Curl Exercises the three most important muscle groups. If you want to run these muscle groups in your workouts, be sure to include this movement in your program.

2.Day Shoulder + Triceps

Lateral raise 4 x 10

For the shoulders to expand, you need to work out your deltoid muscles with shoulder movements. Among the shoulder widening movements, you can enable the development of the shoulder muscles by acting on the deltoid muscles, the front shoulder and side shoulder muscles with the Lateral Raise, that is, opening the shoulder to the side. Lateral Raise The area of ​​influence is deltoid muscle groups, so it is a very effective shoulder movement to improve shoulder muscles and break down.

Dumbell Front Raise 4 x 8

Dumbell Front Raise affects the front shoulder and lateral shoulder muscles, which are deltoid muscles. In this way, shoulder muscles can develop.

Dummbell Shoulder Press 4 x 8

is one of the most effective shoulder movements. It exercises the front shoulder muscles and trapeze muscles. The dumbell shoulder press movement works the trapezius muscles that go from the neck to our back and are important for the posture posture. It provides strengthening and development of the back arm during movement. It should be considered in regional studies.

Bent Over Lateral Raises 4 x 8

Dumbell Bent Over Lateral Raise is a very effective movement to improve the back muscles. It activates the Shoulder, Back and Wing area at the same time with one movement.

In order for the shoulders to expand and the shoulders to grow, you need to train your deltoid muscles with shoulder movements. Among the shoulder widening movements, with Dumbell Bent Over Lateral Raise, you can act on the lateral and back shoulder muscles from the deltoid muscles to develop the shoulder muscles. The Dumbell Bent Over Lateral Raise movement is a tremendous exercise, as it exercises many muscles in the back muscles anatomy.

Triceps Kickback 4 x 10

Triceps muscles are formed in three ways: long, medial and lateral head. Although the Kickback Movement is an isolated movement that works the back arm triceps muscles, it works more actively for the Lateral head region.

The kickback movement is ranked 2nd among the movements that affect the triceps muscles best, according to test results for the development of triceps by the American fitness council. So the Kickback movement is one of the best scientifically proven exercises

Triceps Extension  4 x 10

Strong triceps help stabilize your shoulder joint, as they act as the extensor of the elbow and shoulder. The stability of your shoulders and elbows will increase as the triceps strengthen your muscles.

Bench Dips 4 x 10

The compound that focuses on your triceps and also increases strength in your shoulders and chest is body weight exercise. You need a coffee table or chair to perform this great exercise wherever you want

3.Day Back + Leg

Pull-up 3 x 8-10

If you are a brave warrior, you cannot escape this

It is an effective physical activity in muscle development since it works many muscle groups in the body.

Plays an important role in body strength and power increase

Prevents posture disorder and keeps you upright

It provides the development of muscles in your back and arms.

Dummbell Row 4 x 10

Dumbell Row is an exercise that can increase the overall strength and muscle mass of the back muscles. It is also an upper body back exercise that can increase arm strength and hypertrophy and strengthen pulling performance.

Bend over Dumbell Row 4 x 10

Increases muscle strength and endurance.

Latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. The main muscle group targeted is your back. Pulling the weight more towards your chest works your back and waist muscles, while pulling the weight closer to your waist works your middle back muscles.

Lateral Lunges 3 x 8

A simple and effective exercise to warm up your leg muscles. Before starting leg exercises, starting with flexible movements as before all movements will ease the risk of disability.

Dumbell Lunges 3 x 10

Dumbbell lunges can be used as one of several lower body exercises that fully improve all body strength, stability and balance. With a little weight, you can tighten your legs, butt and abdominal muscles without going to the gym.

Dummbell sumo deadlift

Gluteus Maximus, Erector Spinae, Quadriceps (Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermedius), Adductor Magnus, Soleus, Latissimus Dorsi, Wrist Flexors.

We couldn’t ignore an exercise that worked so many muscle groups.

Calf Raise 3 x 10

  • It is really easy to work your calf muscles in your location.

You can complete the program by adding shuttle moves at the end of the workout. In this training, body weight was given importance due to the opportunities at home. Do not bypass the Barfiks movement! Barfiks affects almost all the muscle groups above the waist so it is very useful.

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