How do you get rid of gynecomastia?

What is Gynecomastia

Due to various hormonal disorders, the use of certain drugs or the presence of a tumor, the mammary glands of many men are significantly increased. Enlargement or swelling of the breast tissue in men is called Gynecomastia. This situation causes dissatisfaction in the person and interferes with his daily life. However, its solution is relatively easy. The first recommendations will be the most appropriate. So, a diet based on a balanced diet is like changing your lifestyle. If these options do not help, the breast reduction surgery can be resolved. Gynecomastia can lead to enlarged mammary glands, stretch nipples and sagging breasts in men.

Who is Prone to Gynecomastia?

It occurs in men throughout the disease, in adolescence. However, with time and age, breast size usually returns to normal.
This diagnosis occurs in almost a third of adult men.
Newborn babies may have short-term gynecomastia. Because after birth, maternal estrogen or female hormone is in the blood of the baby for a while.
Also, since hormonal balance is often disturbed during aging, it can harm older men.

What are the symptoms of gynecomastia?

A palpation at the bottom may show a formation that resembles a mass of rubber, usually about 4 cm in diameter.
Sometimes a small liquid is released from the breast.
Gynecomastia can affect a breast or both. Symptoms are not always clearly expressed by palpation or visually. If in doubt, be sure to consult a doctor.

Can gynecomastia be treated without surgery?

If there is a problem such as drug use or obesity disease, these causes should be eliminated first and it should be observed whether there is regression in gynecomastia. The disturbing condition is relatively easy to fix and does not require you to spend a lot of time.

The first step is to determine the cause of breast enlargement. Then, some operations should be done accordingly. First of all, changing your lifestyle and diet can help you.

If this also does not work, then an operation, in which excess glandular and fatty tissue is removed, is recommended. If you avoid a sharp increase in weight while maintaining optimal body weight, the result will be long-term. Depending on the severity of the disease, you may also need liposuction.

The Importance of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery for men provides the same benefits as breast reduction surgery for women in general. It is about how practical and justified it is in healthcare as well as aesthetic preferences. These factors also affect professional and social areas. The aesthetic side of the events is more important for all of the men we have mentioned above. Because the size of men’s breasts should not increase that much. This situation interferes with daily life and can affect negatively. Breast size can increase with the effect of various factors. As a result of hormonal disorders, under the influence of drugs, with various pathological causes.

Honestly, especially for a sensitive issue like chest size, the appearance for a man is not less important than for women. Here comes a domino effect. When a person is satisfied with his appearance, if his social communication improves, his professional effectiveness becomes more effective. When the person is satisfied, his self-confidence improves and brings an increase to the total quality of life.

Will there be a scar after gynecomastia surgery?

The size of the leave varies according to the method to be applied in gynecomastia treatment. It is known that liposuction application leaves minimum marks. After gynecomastia surgery, the person can return to his social life after 1 week.

Does doing sports improve gynecomastia?

Although sports is very beneficial for health, we cannot say that it is very useful for advanced gynecomastia. In the exercises applied to the chest muscles, it may cause the appearance of gynecomastia to appear more, since it does not affect the adipose tissues at the ends while the rib cage is growing. We can not say that it can be very useful in the advanced stages while it is beneficial in the initial stages.

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