High bp diet: 5 low-sodium foods to manage high blood pressure

High blood pressure, often known as hypertension (BP), is the most common condition affecting people today. It rarely causes symptoms, so eating a balanced diet, especially low in sodium, on a regular basis is recommended to maintain normal blood pressure levels. because it can increase So let’s find out which low-sodium foods can actually help you manage your blood pressure.

Health Shots reached out to Dr. Parinita Kaur, a senior consultant in internal medicine at Aakash Hospital in New Delhi, to share a list of healthy, low-sodium foods that can help control high blood pressure.

Dr. Kaur said: A healthy diet is known to play an important role in managing high blood pressure. One of the most important tips for this is to reduce your sodium intake. High sodium intake is associated with high blood pressure and hypertension. ”

Side effects of high sodium diet

Sodium is mainly found in table salt. I’m not saying you should avoid salt completely. Your body needs small amounts of this mineral on a regular basis. However, excessive intake of sodium is known to increase the risk of stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. can cause

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Here are 5 low-sodium foods that lower high blood pressure:

1. Spinach

This delicious green leafy vegetable contains important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and folic acid, which help regulate and lower blood pressure. . Add a few fresh spinach leaves to salads and sandwiches for a quick and easy way to enjoy this leafy delicacy.

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2. Banana

These widely consumed, easy-to-peel fruits are not only low in sodium but high in potassium content, which can also help lower blood pressure. can do. Or try his delicious and nutritious Banana His recipe by grilling or sautéing half a banana and then topping it with Frozen His yogurt.

3. Beets

With high nitrate levels, which are known to relax blood vessels and promote blood flow, it makes sense to include this red root vegetable in your diet. I understand. In fact, if you keep drinking the juice for a long period of time, the effect may be even better.

low sodium foods
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4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has the same beneficial effects on blood pressure as a diet high in whole grains and fiber. It lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This low-sodium dish can be made in many ways, such as adding it to various baked goods or serving it as a warm porridge with fruit on top.

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5. Celery

Medical professionals have traditionally utilized this leafy herb to lower high blood pressure. Phthalide is a phytochemical that relaxes the musculature of artery walls to increase blood flow and lower high blood pressure.

High sodium foods to avoid.

Now that you know why you shouldn’t indulge in a high-sodium diet, here are five foods you should avoid or eat less to manage high blood pressure.

1. Canned Soup: Packaged soups contain large amounts of sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure.

2. I am Yanagi: When consumed in large amounts, soy sauce is harmful due to its high sodium content. Sweating, dizziness, itching, rashes, stomach problems, and changes in blood pressure can all be caused by it.

low sodium foods
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3. Frozen food: Frozen foods increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

4. Cottage Cheese: Eating a lot of cottage cheese can make you more likely to develop health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and heart failure.

5. Pizza: The main ingredients of pizza are cheese, dough, sauces and processed meats. These are high in sodium and can raise blood pressure.

How can I reduce my salt intake?

  • Cook foods without adding salt and try to limit its amount.
  • Eat only fresh, salt-free foods.
  • Avoid salty snacks.

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