Hartford’s Asylum Avenue to get ‘road diet’ to make street safer

Hartford — The proposed redesign of Hartford’s Asylum Avenue narrows the corridor, adds a central turn lane, and includes a cycle facility from Prospect Avenue to Sumner Street.

The changes are part of a plan known as the “Road Diet” to try to make roads safer by reducing vehicle traffic and adding options for cyclists and pedestrians.

Hartford senior planner Grace Yee said: “In one case, the intersection of Asylum and Sigourney is among the top 10 collision-rate intersections in the city.”

According to the UConn Crash Repository, between January 1, 2020 and November 30, 2022, there were 153 crashes on Asylum Avenue, 84 of which occurred at intersections.

Asylum Avenue now has four lanes with two in either direction. A proposed road diet includes his two lanes with a center lane for right turns.

“The goal is to slow down and calm the traffic,” Yi said. “It’s a place that essentially slows people down because of motorists and other driving behavior.”

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