Guest Column – The MiniMax Diet*

It’s a well-known fact that Americans are overweight, overweight, or on the verge of obesity. They will measure your weight and height to see how much damage your mouth and gravity has done to you since your last visit.


And why are we overweight? many reasons.

Some say it’s the restaurant’s fault for serving too much food and charging too much money. Eat because it’s delicious. I call eating when I’m happy a “celebration.” I eat when I’m sad I say it comforts me and gives me strength. I eat because it’s time to eat again. Look, look, everyone else is doing it. It’s not the food that’s the problem, it’s the control. Don’t say I said “self-control” just because I didn’t.

So after the stormy response of MiniMax systems for collectors, from great to terrible and solid to nothing, we’ve peaked on both ends of the spectrum, so it’s time to offer the MiniMax diet. It seemed like the ideal time to control. You can not. This is the equipment you need and this is how it works.

I need a mug with a handle. It can hold about as much food as your stomach, preferably metal instead of ceramic, and it won’t shatter if dropped on the restaurant floor so you can serve it again and again. Again and again, it doesn’t look ridiculous when you bring it into a restaurant.

They walk up to you and say, “Hello! I’m Nancy. I’ll be your waitress. May I order your order?” and ask for it to be level with the top of the mug.And a glass of cold water, please.No dessert.It will do that for me.Thank you!”

That’s it – voila! – MiniMax Diet – Control your food intake and maximize your dietary results with minimal effort. One cup a day keeps the doctor away. You can do it at home or in a restaurant. Name yourself Nancy and become a chef.

* Not yet submitted or approved by a medical doctor, association, or medical association, and may never be approved.

Orin Frink is a resident of Kennebunkport.he can be reached at [email protected]

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