Girl’s diet vlog on father’s ‘shraadh’ has annoyed netizens

Let’s get this out of the way. The internet is a strange place. All kinds of people doing all kinds of things. Some of these are welcomed by people while others are not so welcomed. Also, people on the internet are very vocal and don’t hesitate to give their honest opinion on things. In his one such case, an Indian influencer faced significant backlash after posting a video documenting the food she consumed in her father’s ‘shrad’. A shrad is a Hindu ritual intended to honor the soul of a family member. On social media his users found the clip very insensitive and said the same thing.

One influencer in question is Rowhi Rai. Rai originally posted this video on his YouTube. It became all the more viral because a Twitter user named S posted it on her account, simply captioning it, “I’m traumatized.”

A shared video is very easy. Rai tells viewers that it was his father’s Shradd that his family watched every year. That day she could only eat one meal with salt and oil. However, she was able to eat sweets all day long.

She started the day with oatmeal stuffed with dried fruit. She said it was very tasty and rated it 8 out of 10. Afterwards, she went to lunch with her friends and had a ‘methi parathaa’ that her mother had made for her. I ate Rookie with her Sabzi. I thought both were very delicious. Rai rated it her 10 out of 10 and said it was wonderful her mother had prepared and also happened to be her favorite.

Afterwards, they went to a café, but they wanted something they couldn’t get, so they had to make do with pink lemonade.

Check out Rai’s diet vlog on his dad’s ‘Shradd’ here.

Internet users were amazed at the insensitivity the influencer displayed given that the day was meant to honor the soul of his late father. They harshly criticized her behavior, stating that it was ridiculous for her to create a vlog of her food on such a day. Additionally, she had the audacity to evaluate the food she was eating.

Needless to say, apart from the disapproval, Twitterati also had some pretty hilarious reactions.

Well what do you think about this?

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