Fitness Beginner’s Guide

Fitness For Beginners

Are you a beginner who is new to sports and doesn’t know where to start? You need a successful fitness program to focus on getting your body in the best shape possible. You will be able to create your own fitness program by learning the most important information you need to know when creating a fitness program in our getting started guide. A good bodybuilding program is the biggest factor in achieving your goal. Thanks to the free fitness programs, you can determine the most suitable fitness exercises and combine the programs.

Set Goal

One of the most important things to consider when creating your own Fitness program is what you want to accomplish.

  • Do you want to build muscle?
  • Want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to be stronger?
  • Want to focus on a specific body part or muscle group?

The fitness program will help you determine how to adapt your exercises to these goals. First, determine your purpose and start by dividing it into weekly programs.

How Does Muscle Develop?

Hypertrophy means growth and strengthening of muscle fibers. If you are doing a fitness program, it is necessary to push the limits every time to build your muscles. Muscles are sensitive to stress and adjust themselves accordingly during or after sports. Therefore, in order to build muscle development, muscle must be exposed to stress during exercise. 30-90 seconds is the time that the muscles are exposed to stress, so the researchers repeat the number of min. 8-12 suggests it again.

The 3 most essential ingredients for muscle development

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Rest

To Learn the Body Structure

It affects how you react to body type diet and training. To plan your muscle building training and diet program, you need to understand your body type.

Weak delicate structure Athletic body structureSoft and round body
Poor bone structureWide joints and bonesGains muscle and fat easily
Muscle gain difficult Muscle gain easyDifficult weight loss
Low fat rate Low fat rateFat body structure
Narrow shoulder structureWide shoulder middle hipWide waist area
Rapid metabolismRapid metabolism
Slow metabolism
Difficult weight gainLosing weight fastRapid weight gain

The main thing here is the nutritional phenomenon. A person with an ectomorphic body acquires difficult muscle mass, but the muscle mass he acquires is leaner and of higher quality. If you have an ectomorphic body, you should eat a lot of food to gain muscle mass. Remember that your metabolism works like a rocket engine! Carbohydrate and protein are very important for muscle development. When doing a bodybuilding program, if you follow a weight gain program, it will be a very useful bodybuilding program for muscle building.

Does body fat turn into muscle?

Athletes with endomorphic body types usually have a fatty body structure. First of all, do not forget your question! Does body fat turn into a muscle? No, fats do not rotate, but you can build muscle while burning fat. The fastest way to burn fat is to practice cardio movements with weight training. Since you have a structure that can gain weight and muscle quickly, you should eat a protein-based and low-carb diet. You can get more efficiency by adding weekly fitness program + cardio movements

What Should be the Number of Sets and Repetitions?

A basic fitness program should aim at both strength and muscle building. When deciding on repetitions and sets, if you’re training for the size, stick to the 8-12 repeat interval. If your goal is getting stronger, do 5 or 6 reps with heavier weights. Endurance athletes usually make high repetitions (15-20) with light weights. This approach increases resistance to fatigue and improves muscle endurance. The rest time between sets should be short, about 60 to 90 seconds. (1)

Based on the latest research, we know that some volume more volume leads to more growth. For example, in the meta-analysis study of James Krieger, it is seen that muscle growth increases as the number of sets per exercise increases.

How Much Weight Should I Lift?

Research shows that lifting 75-85% of the weight you can lift is useful for fat burning and bodybuilding.

  • For fat burning and muscle development, remove 75-85% of the maximum weight you can lift and re-apply 8-12.
  • For Strength Training use 85-100% of maximum weight with 1-5 reps. Practice your workout by resting for 3-5 minutes. Ex. In the program with 5-3-1 sets number, lift 85% weight in the 5th repetition, 90% in 3 repetitions and 100% weight in the last repetition.
  • Repeat when applying 12-20 for muscle strength and stability. Prefer max 50-70% weight and apply 90 seconds rest time. Ex. Apply 20 repetitions at 50% weight, and apply 12 repeats at 70% weight. The less weight, the more repetition, The more weight, the less repetition.

Progressive Overload, which means progressive loading, try to increase the weight a little more each time we go to training. Routine exercises with the same weight may not be beneficial in terms of development after a while. Always try to raise the bar by gradually increasing the weights.

How Should I Create Fitness Program?

When creating a fitness program, you can create it in daily and weekly periods. If you want, you can change the exercises and adjust them accordingly.

For example

1.Day2.Day3. Day4. Day5. Day6.Day
Chest + BicepsOffShoulder + TricepsOff / CardioBack + LegOff

How many days a week should I do fitness?

It is ideal for you to train at least 3-4 days a week. After the bodybuilding workout, the muscles and cells are destroyed. For recovery, at least 48-72 hours are required, depending on muscle groups. Calculate accordingly and do not run a muscle group without resting for 48-72 hours. If you have an oily body, do weight training 3-4 days a week. You can evaluate your rest days by doing cardio training.

Types of Training ?

Sometimes it is necessary to make changes in training in terms of development, the aim is to speed up blood flow and increase the hypertrophic effect. The same routine bodybuilding program exercises may lose their utility after a while. In this case, diversity is provided by different studies.

Pyramid set

Standard routines can slow the reaction. Therefore, the pyramid system is applied in some training sessions. In the 1970s, During the Olympia period, it was a very popular method applied in bodybuilding programs to increase muscle mass. The reason why education was so popular was that it gave obvious results. That’s why it’s still used a lot by many professional bodybuilders.

It is a form of training applied in two ways. The first shape is made by lowering the weight down from height. Ex. It is made as 6 -8-10-12, starting with the highest weight, and then the weight is decreased and the number of sets is increased. In the second form, the weights in the form of inverted pyramid 12-10-8-6 start slightly and the weight increases as the number of sets decreases.

For example

Bench Press6-8-10-12
Dumbell fly (terst piramit)12-10-8-6-4

Drop Sets

The purpose of application is to increase the continuity of the resistance in the muscles and increase the hypertrophic development. It is the principle of reducing the weight and doing a few more repetitions after the last repetition of the exercise in the exercise movement you apply. Drop sets, which became very popular in the 1950s, affect muscle growth, speed up your blood flow, and benefit the growth hormone and testosterone secretion. For intermediate and advanced athletes, they can apply as Ex: 10-8-6-15. Not bad for a fitness program!

For example

Bench Press15-12-10-8-15
Dumbell fly12-10-8-6-15

Super Sets

Super set is called joining between sets without rest. Standard routines benefit from development when it slows down the reaction. When your time is limited, you want to get the most out of your training. Super sets, which include doing two or more exercises with little or no rest between sets, can meet your needs.

This technique, also known as paired sets, is the technique of work preferred by Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and other Golden Age legends. When done right, it helps to maximize hypertrophy and muscle endurance while halving your exercise time. Ideal for both fat loss and muscle growth. Although it is not ideal for beginners, it is a preferable way of working for intermediate and advanced athletes.

In a 2010 study, super sets have been shown to increase energy consumption and oxygen consumption after exercise more than traditional training.(2)

For example

Bench Press3 x 8
Dumbell fly3 x 10-10-10

Summary before starting training

  • We Set Our Goal (For example, I have a weight of 75 pounds, I expand my muscles and want a suitable image)
  • We create a daily program (For example, I work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I do cardio on Saturday, Sunday)
  • We choose the fitness program suitable for ourselves (8-12 repetition numbers are ideal for me in the first place. Then I can choose advanced programs and works with pyramid system)
  • We warm up before doing the movements (we definitely do not start without doing warm-up exercises. 10-20 minutes of warm-up will decrease the risk of disability)
  • We do solid training. (If you want, do 4 × 50 sets will not work at all unless you feel the weight and pain. So we have to choose the right weight and do tight training.)
  • We eat tight before and after training. (The body does not develop without nutrition. Carbohydrates and proteins are very important to us.)
  • We are not missing our supplements against muscle breakdowns (you can start using supplement foods after the starter program, how much meatballs are like bread)
  • We get enough rest and have a good sleep. (In sports, sleep is very important because your body will develop while you sleep and you need to have a good sleep as many hormonal compounds will be secreted during sleep.)

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