EZ-Bar Curl

How to do the Ez-Bar Curl, which is a useful movement to develop arm muscles among arm exercises? What muscles does Ez-Bar curl work? What are the benefits of EZ-Bar curl? You will find the most detailed information about the Ez-Bar Curl movement in this

NameEZ-Bar Curl
Exercise TypeStrength
Skill LevelBeginner
Equipment NeededEZ-Bar
Muscles WorkedPrimary: Brachioradialis, Secondary: Biceps Brachii, Brachialis

EZ-Bar Curl

EZ-Bar Curl

How To Do EZ-Bar Curl

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Hold an EZ-bar in an underhand grip with your arms extended and then curl the bar up towards your chest, keeping your elbows in to your sides.
  • Breathe in while lowering the weight and exhale while lifting
  • For a ez-bar curl your elbows should remain tight to your sides for the duration of each rep

When standing, retract your shoulder blades and raise your chest to keep your torso as upright as possible. You can work the movement sitting or standing.

What Muscles Does EZ-Bar Curl Work?

  • Target muscle: Brachioradialis
  • Synergists: Biceps Brachii, Brachialis

Benefits of EZ-Bar Curl

What is Ez-Bar; The EZ-Bar is a weight bar designed to reduce stress, with a wavy center section that provides a comfortable grip.

Builds size and strength in biceps

This movement provides effective isolation of the biceps while using a joint-friendly grip. Keeping your wrists in the strongest possible position and turning it towards your body locks the joint and keeps it stable. According to IFBB bodybuilders and many experts, the Z Bar is better than a straight bar because your grip shape puts both your wrists and elbows in a more natural position than a straight bar. Although both movements are very similar, the Z bar reduces the load on your wrists. Therefore, it allows you to have a healthier workout.

The most striking feature of the EZ-Bar Curl movement is the comfort of the wrist. For many people, the split grip has less strain on the wrists with normal grip. The EZ-Bar carries some of the force applied outside of the wrist grip comfort to your long biceps during curl movement. This means an ideal move for peaking in your biceps.


Benefits of EZ-Bar Curl

The brachioradialis muscle is a small muscle mass on the upper arm of the forearm, connected to the biceps and brachiolis muscle, performing the pulling task. It is absolutely necessary to stimulate the Brachioradialis muscle as effectively as possible and to develop a larger forearm. 


Benefits of EZ-Bar Curl

Thanks to the EZ-Bar Curl exercise, we train the Brachialis muscle, which makes our arms look big. If this small and wide muscle mass, which is very important, is developed, it makes the arms appear larger and more voluminous when viewed from the outside. As the brachialis muscle develops, it separates your biceps and triceps, creating a wider-looking arm. That little muscle mass that gives your arms that mutant look.

Biceps Brachii

Benefits of EZ-Bar Curl

The most effective part of the EZ-Bar Curl exercise is the biceps muscles. It is a good idea to practice EZ-Bar Curl to develop and strengthen these muscles.

  • Biceps Brachii Short Head: The upper arm is the short one located inside the biceps muscle towards the body. Scapula starts from the shoulder blade. The humerus passes through the upper part of the upper arm bone towards the body and from there is attached to the upper part of the Radius bone, which is on the outer part of the forearm bone.
  • Biceps Brachii Long Head: The upper arm is the longest one located on the outer part of the biceps muscle relative to the body. The humerus starts from the upper end of the upper arm bone and connects to the Ulna forearm bone.

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