Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw Recreate Shaw’s Former 12,000-Calorie Diet Grocery Haul

When four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Bryan Shaw fought on Strongman’s most epic stages in his early 20s and mid-teens, trading the WSM title with Zidornas Savikas on numerous occasions, he The diet of was similar to that of giants. fairy tale lore. Shaw ate 12,000 calories a day with no apparent food restrictions, including cheesecake, bowls, and bowls of spaghetti. The show was probably eating it.

Strongman elite-level force-feeding is necessary to maintain high weights to offset heavy lifts as much as possible. It was well over the pound. On December 19, 2022, Shaw attended his 2017 WSM Eddie Hall and shot a video for his YouTube channel in Hall. When the show was eating 12,000 calories daily, they traveled to Costco to recreate the show’s seven-day grocery haul. Check it out below.

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Our first stop in the frozen food section was dessert. Each Strongman added one family-sized cheesecake worth 5,800 calories each. Continuing with another type of sugar, her second pick in her shopping cart was Honeycrisp her box of apples, which brings a total of 12,300 calories to the cart. They followed it up by adding a few bunches of bananas and blueberries for a total calorie count of 21,500.

Rolling into the aisle with starch, Strongman grabbed a bag of potatoes and a bag of sweet potatoes, increasing his total to 21,300 calories.

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Bison, who eventually made it to the protein, was a go-to for the show. Every day he was mashing packs of ground bison. He and Hall added his 28 pack of meats with 34,750 calories worth of food to the cart. Shaw consumed a lot of red meat at his peak weight, but that wasn’t the only protein he took in. He crushed 10 to his 12 whole eggs almost every day, and in a few days He has perfected 24 packs of organic eggs. 72 eggs fell into the cart, increasing the total calories to 40,300.

Fatty meats were a way to add a lot of calories without adding bulk, so bacon was a mainstay in the diet of the show’s heavyweights—more than 5,000 calories of smoked pork added to the prize. While humming, they stumbled upon her 60-pack of Rice Krispies treats. This was a quick source of glucose that Shaw would run out of during training and competition. He did the same with a peanut butter and honey sandwich, which helps keep blood sugar levels high.

A 50-pound bag of rice brings the cart’s total calories to nearly 80,000. A jar of BBQ and pasta sauce easily topped the 80,000 calorie mark. The haystack of pasta totaled him over 90,000 calories. A giant box of waffles moved the cart, well past his 100,000 calorie mark on the milestone.

Nearing the end of the shopping trip, cookies and bread topped the supply pile to complete the 117,720-calorie fuss. What did the cashier spend the entire shift and what could be expected to tally up? $628.99 worth of groceries.

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