Dumbbell Shoulder Press

How to do Dumbbell Shoulder Press, which is a basic movement among shoulder exercises? What muscles does dumbbell shoulder press work? What are the benefits of Dumbbell Shoulder Press? You will find the most detailed information about the Dumbbell Shoulder Press movement in this article.

Other NamesMilitary Dumbbell Press, Overhead dumbbell press
Exercise TypeStrength
Skill LevelBeginner
Equipment NeededDumbbells
Muscles WorkedDeltoid, Trapez , Triceps, Serratus Antrerior
Force TypePush (Bilateral)
Alternative/Substitute ExercisesBarbell Shoulder Press, Smith Machine Military Press
VariationsArnold Press, Dumbell Barbell Press
Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

How to Do the Dumbbell Soulder Press?

  • Sit on a bench, standing or with a back support, with weights in your hands. Stand the bench upright
  • Bring the weights from both sides to shoulder height. You can lift it with power from your calves
  • Rotate your wrists with your palms facing forward. Take the starting position.
  • As you exhale, lift the weights up.
  • After a second pause, slowly lower to the starting position while breathing.
  • Apply as many sets as recommended.

What Muscles Does Dumbbell Shoulder Press Work?

  1. Antrerior Deltoid
  2. Lateral Deltoid
  3. Trapezius
  4. Triceps Brachii
  5. Serratus Anterior
What Muscles Does Dumbbell Shoulder Press Work?

What Are The Benefits of Dumbbell Shoulder Press?

Dumbbell shoulder press is one of the most basic shoulder exercises. It is a great exercise for creating hypertrophy and increasing muscle activation.

In order for the shoulders to expand and the head of the shoulders to grow, you need to work your deltoid muscles with shoulder movements. Between shoulder widening movements, with the Dumbbell shoulder press, you can act on the anterior and lateral muscles from the deltoid muscles to develop the shoulder muscles.

The serratus anterior muscle, known as the boxer’s muscle, is a very difficult muscle group. We can say that the serratus antreior muscle, which is located between the under-breast and stomach muscles, is a bonus given in addition to the Dumbbell Shoulder press movement.

It runs the trapezius muscles. The dumbbell shoulder press enables the development of the trapezius muscles, which are the most superficial muscles, descending from the neck to our back and are important for posture posture.

It works the triceps muscles to strengthen and develop the back arm. It should be taken into consideration in regional studies.

It is a great exercise for athletes looking to improve power dimension asymmetries between your right and left deltoids.

Shoulder Muscle Anatomy

Shoulder Muscle Anatomy

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