Dumbbell Curl

How to do Dumbbell Curl, which is a basic movement among arm exercises? What muscles does Dumbbell Curl work? What are the benefits of Dumbbell Curl? You will find the most detailed information about the Dumbbell Curl movement in this

NameDumbbell Curl, Biceps Curl
Exercise TypeStrength
Skill LevelBeginner
Equipment NeededDumbbell
Muscles WorkedPrimary: Biceps Brachii; Secondary: Brachialis, Brachioradialis
Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Curl

How to do Dumbbell Curl

Feet open at shoulder level.
Dumbbell weights are held with palms facing your hips.
The weights are lifted upwards, keeping the elbows still.
During the lifting of weights, the wrists are rotated in a position with the palms facing our face.
Exhale as you Lift Up.
Return to the starting position, breathing down as you slowly lower it.

What muscles does Dumbbell Curl work?

Long Head

  • Biceps Brachii
  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis
Dumbbell Curl

What are the benefits of Dumbbell Curl?

Biceps Muscle is in the form of 2 parts. It starts in two places and ends in one place. It is the muscle group that enables the formation of our forearm. Dumbbell curl is one of the most basic arm movements. It is a very practical and effective exercise to do. Do you think anyone who started sports but didn’t do this?

The target point of the Dumbbell Curl movement is the biceps muscles. By working on the dumbbell curl, you can make the arms grow and strengthen. Not only looks are important, this will also work well in your daily life. You need arm strength while lifting and lowering something, strengthening your arm muscles makes it easier for you in your daily life. The Dumbbell Curl exercises the three most important muscle groups. If you want to work these muscle groups in your workouts, do not hesitate to include this movement in your program. You don’t need to go to the gym to do this exercise, you can easily do it at home with 2 dumbbells.


benefits of Dumbbell Curl

The brachioradialis muscle is a small muscle mass on the upper arm of the forearm, connected to the biceps and brachiolis muscle, performing the pulling task. It is absolutely necessary to stimulate the Brachioradialis muscle as effectively as possible and to develop a larger forearm. 


benefits of Dumbbell Curl

Thanks to the Dumbbell Curl exercise, we train the Brachialis muscle, which makes our arms look big. If this small and wide muscle mass, which is very important, is developed, it makes the arms appear larger and more voluminous when viewed from the outside. As the brachialis muscle develops, it separates your biceps and triceps, creating a wider-looking arm. That little muscle mass that gives your arms that mutant look.

Biceps Brachii

benefits of Dumbbell Curl

The most effective part of the Dumbbell Curl exercise is the biceps muscles. It is a good idea to practice dumbbell curls to develop and strengthen these muscles.

  • Biceps Brachii Short Head: The upper arm is the short one located inside the biceps muscle towards the body. Scapula starts from the shoulder blade. The humerus passes through the upper part of the upper arm bone towards the body and from there is attached to the upper part of the Radius bone, which is on the outer part of the forearm bone.
  • Biceps Brachii Long Head: The upper arm is the longest one located on the outer part of the biceps muscle relative to the body. The humerus starts from the upper end of the upper arm bone and connects to the Ulna forearm bone.

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