Drew Barrymore on sobriety, diet culture and late-night snacking

Drew Barrymore says pickles and late-night Chinese food are one of her favorite treats. (Photo: Getty, designed by Areta Zikari)

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Since his first role at age five, Drew Barrymore has ET extraterrestrial life form like a heartwarming romantic comedy wedding singerBut beneath all the charm of show business, the beloved director and producer is eating late-night snacks straight from the jar like everyone else.

“I’m a pickle lover,” Barrymore told Yahoo Life. “I have some weird pickles in my fridge. They’re the best pickles I’ve ever had and I want to put them on my pizza… I thought last night as I sat at the kitchen counter eating pickles. If there is a cheese pizza that goes well with this.”

Pickles in question? They come from Millport Dairy, a family-owned brand in Leora, Pennsylvania, which operates a farm stand in New York, NY.

“I love dipping my Quorn nuggets in relish…like a sour [relish], not sweet,” she says. “I don’t like sweet pickles.”

Barrymore, a self-professed flexitarian (mainly vegetarian but occasionally eats meat), spoke with Yahoo Life as part of Quorn’s work promoting meat-free products. The role of the company’s chief mom officer (CMO).

“I love dipping Quorn nuggets in the same way I do hot dog combos,” she adds. “Onion, mustard and relish”.

In her role on Quorn, the beloved star brings her culinary expertise to help develop new products, create recipes, and share content on how to incorporate more meat alternatives into your diet. .

For Barrymore, who likes trying out new foods and recipes on talk shows, this is a great gig. The Drew Barrymore Show“Sometimes we work with this young chef, Eitan Bernert, to create weird food combinations,” she says.

One thing in particular comes to mind when it comes to her own weird food pairings. “When you eat mac and cheese, you need a lot of black pepper,” she says.

In addition to experimenting with out-of-this-world food combinations, Barrymore is always excited to try new recipes from co-host Ross Mathews. “Ross has his Rocypus. Neither of us tend to be skinny. It’s not our genetic makeup,” she says. …I love that he brings his Rosipes to the show because I have to eat like that too.”

After decades in the industry, Barrymore’s relationship with food was very grounded. He says he doesn’t have time. “I never subscribed to Hollywood diet culture,” she says. “I actually rebelled against it. Probably to my own detriment.”

Barrymore says the movie industry’s unrealistic beauty standards refuse to shape how they feel about themselves. “I was a young girl getting that message. No, I can not. I don’t “

“When I get dressed, when I look in the mirror, when I don’t exercise enough, when I eat too much, I have the same problem that every other human being has. Such bulls***.

But Barrymore believes many of her body image messages have changed since she was a child star, which has helped her develop a broader perspective on her two daughters, Olive and Frankie.

“I … have children, so I understand how important nutrition is. This was never my message growing up,” she says. , shocking. ”

Barrymore has shared several iconic kissing scenes throughout her career and says there are definitely foods to avoid before a big shoot. [Sandler] I once joked that I breathed tuna, but I didn’t,” she says. But avoid eating garlic or fish before a kissing scene, and always brush your teeth first. If you don’t, you’ll joke that you smell tuna, even if you don’t.”

Barrymore says takeout is her go-to snack after a long day at work. “The other day, my reward for working 16 hours a day was to order Chinese food at 11 p.m.,” she says. “I woke up so bloated I couldn’t recognize myself, but it was delicious…so delicious. I loved every minute of it.”

Some might combine a delicious evening of takeout with alcoholic beverages, but Barrymore explains that he’s quit alcohol. “I don’t drink alcohol,” she says. “I promise, it’s what I do in real life. I still enjoy partying with friends, so I love finding alternatives to cocktails.”

From spiked drinks to unattainable standards, Barrymore is letting go of everything that doesn’t make her feel her best. “I have enough demons inside to deal with.”

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