Doctor explains why drinking Diet Coke gets you drunk faster than full fat version

When you’re drinking alcohol, there’s always one drink that you find more intoxicating than others, even with the same amount of alcohol in it.

A long-running theory has been documented on TikTok about using regular or diet coke for your favorite drinks like whiskey or vodka.

So far, this is all just theory, but there’s some real science behind the suggestion that drinking Diet Coke will help you get drunk faster.

But first, that theory was tested by TikToker’s Loryn Powell. He drank his two variations of the drink, including whiskey, on his two separate days.

The theory is that when mixed with alcoholic beverages, Diet Coke will get you drunk faster than regular Coke. Credit: Trevor Chriss / Alamy Stock Photo

She drank four Jack Daniel’s whiskeys on two separate occasions.

After having a drink, Loryn waited 30 minutes before using the breathalyzer.

TikToker was shocked to learn that the regular Coke had a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of 0.061%, while the Diet Coke had a BAC of 0.086%.

To confirm her results, and possibly another excuse for a cheeky drink, Loryn tested the theory again and found similar results.

This time the breath detector showed a BAC of 0.051% and the Diet Coke showed a BAC of 0.088%.

In the video, Loryn also shows that regular coke takes five hours for the alcohol to leave the body, while diet coke takes eight hours.

At the end of the TikTok, Lorin was clearly confused by the theory and asked someone to explain the science.

TikToker found that Diet Coke is more intoxicating than regular Coke. Credit: Randy Duchaine / Alamy Stock Photo
TikToker found that Diet Coke is more intoxicating than regular Coke. Credit: Randy Duchaine / Alamy Stock Photo

That person is Dr. Karan Raj, who explained the science behind it on his TikTok account @dr.karanraj.

He said: “Why does alcohol with Diet Coke get you drunk faster than regular Coke?

“It has nothing to do with diet mixers, but more to do with the fact that adding sugar to a regular cola leaves your stomach empty and slows down going to your small intestine.

“This slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

“It’s the same principle that makes you get drunk faster when you’re hungry, because nothing slows down the momentum of the drink.”

A lot of people use the doctor’s TikTok comments section, and I’m sure quite a few people are drinking Diet Coke on a night out right now.

One said: “ drinks and booze”.

2nd added: “Be careful. Diet drink with alcohol.”

And a third person said, “That’s pretty cool… There’s a lot of potential with this knowledge.”

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