‘Dieting Is a Dirty Word’

It feels great on your skin! Bryce Dallas Howard She doesn’t have time to spend on body shaming or the pressures of Hollywood weight loss – and that’s true of her kids, too.

“‘Diet’ is a dirty word in my family,” Howard, 41, said EXCLUSIVELY. every week Friday, December 9, while promoting a partnership with Oral-B. “It’s like, we all know diets and all sorts of [negative] Criticism of oneself that cannot be said to others [aren’t OK]”

of Jurassic World The star shares 15-year-old son Theodore and 10-year-old daughter Beatrice with her husband Seth Gabelexplained that her family focuses on body positivity.

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“I’m not going to tolerate my kids treating themselves disrespectfully,” Howard said we“Because I cannot allow my children to treat others disrespectfully.”

of help The actress says, “It’s this environment of judgment that has been cultivated culturally” and “criticism.” I don’t want to.’

“It doesn’t allow me to echo within the household or be part of the conversation. Father the director said. “We do what supports health and we don’t change the things we can’t change. [or] It actually contradicts our health. ”

of as you like The star’s optimistic health outlook also extends to her dental care, which is amplified by her Oral-B iO9 toothbrush.

“I care about my health. But the only thing I care about more than my health is the health of the people I love,” Howard said. we“And we all know how important oral hygiene is. As someone who cares, I love the Oral B iO9 because it makes brushing fun and effective.”

Bryce Dallas Howard Details Family's Annual Holiday Cookie Decorating Contest - And How Dad Ron Howard Fares - 036
Oral B

of Lady in the Water The actress confessed that it might seem like a “hard sell” tactic, but the toothbrush was a “game changer” for her.

She revealed that the appliance actually tells the user “what kind of brushing experience they’re having” and whether they need to change.

“It also lets you know when you’re brushing too hard. [or] You brush too softly,” Howard added. “It’s like the Goldilocks of toothbrushes.”

The addition of Oral-B iO9 rocket man Sweets are a big part of her family’s traditions, so she gets a star before the holidays.

“We decorate cookies. [Cheryl Howard]said Bryce we“And then we make all the cookies ahead of time and then we all get together like a decorating party. It’s a lot of fun and a little competitive.”

of Restless The producer points to her father, Ron Howard, as one of the “strong” competitors each year. “He’s good at the game of decorating cookies. He’s creative and has great small motor skills,” she joked.

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