Diet Coke Can Make You Drunk Faster Than Regular Coke — Here’s the Science Behind It

This is a concept that has been circulating around TikTok lately. Users claim that using Diet Coke as a mixer can get them drunk faster than drinking regular Coke that’s been spiked. He famously said that it’s a good drink. But does the mixer really make Tay feel tipsy?

It turns out that this theory is actually backed by science. Here’s why, according to a recent article in The Mirror:

Tiktok creator Loryn Powell (@lorynpowell) tested this rumor with a video, using a breathalyzer to measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). She first filmed herself drinking four cups of Jack Daniels Spike Her Coke in two different sessions, comparing diet and regular Coke in a side-by-side video.


How is this possible?I tested my whiskey with Diet Coke and Coke for two days to see if that theory was correct.

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After waiting 30 minutes, Powell used a breathalyzer to gauge his level of intoxication.

When the liquor was mixed with regular cola, she recorded a BAC of 0.061 percent.On the diet version, her blood alcohol content was 0.086 percent. considered a legal limit).

After waiting another 30 minutes, she tested again and this time achieved a BAC of 0.051% on normal and 0.088% on diet. This video covers several hours of experiments in which Powell regularly recorded her BAC levels. After 5 hours her BAC was at 0.00% on her BAC on regular cola but still at 0.058% on the diet.

So what does the difference come down to?

This question was quickly answered by fellow TikTok creator Dr. Karan Raj (@dr.karanr) in a video on November 29th. Raj revealed that the type and amount of sugar in these drinks was responsible for the difference in his BAC.


Diet Coke V Regular Coke @lorynpowell

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“This has nothing to do with diet mixers, but more to do with the fact that adding sugar to a regular cola empties your stomach, slows it down to your small intestine, and slows the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. There is,” he says in the video. “It’s the same principle that you get drunk faster when you’re hungry.”

Diet Coke or Regular? Based on this information it seems to depend on what kind of night you are planning. If you’re opting for the diet version, drink responsibly.

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