Delhi Cop Sheds 46 Kg In 8 Months. Heres His Diet, Exercise Plan

Deputy Chief of Police Metro Jitendra Mani lost 46 kg in eight months.

New Delhi:

A senior Delhi police officer has been awarded a bounty by the police commissioner for achieving a weight loss of 46 kilograms in eight months.

Deputy Chief of Police Metro Jitendra Mani, who weighed 130 kilograms, was facing multiple health problems. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol levels were some of the ailments that constantly endangered the health of officers.

Determined to turn his life around, the police officer made a drastic change in his lifestyle. He started by walking 15,000 steps daily and eating healthier. “I switched from a high-carb diet of roti and rice to more nutritious options like soups, salads and fruits,” he said.

After a strict diet, I lost 12 inches in my waist in just 8 months and my cholesterol dropped by a factor of 5. “When I decided to change something, I set a goal of walking 4.5 million steps each month. In the past eight months, I’ve taken more than his 3.2 million steps,” says the man, who now weighs 84 kilograms. his DCP Mani said.

His efforts were recognized by Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, who presented him with a certificate on behalf of the police department at a ceremony attended by more than 90,000 police officers.

The officer also appreciates the constant support of his boss and colleagues, who motivate him to keep working on his weight loss.

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