Butt Lifting and Tightening Exercises

How to Tone the Butt?

Hip enlargement movements, which are very popular recently, are preferred by women who have hip problems and are new to sports. We see that many famous models like Kim Kardashian are working on butt-lifting movements to have wide hips. If your goal is hip augmentation, you can achieve your goal by applying basic movements. If you wish, you can do hip enlargement movements at home without going to the gym.

With hip tightening exercises, you can make your hips fuller and firmer. Thanks to regular hip training, it is in your hands to keep fit in a short time. Women who work in a busy tempo and who cannot go to the gym can spend 30 minutes a day and apply hip extension exercises. In this way, they can have a tight butt. If your goal is a tightening buttocks, these moves are for you ..

The Best Hip Toning Exercises

Exercising to tone your hips will not only tighten them and give them a good shape, but also improve your posture and reduce back pain.

Workout Plan: To tighten the thigh, leg and hip muscles, to provide a plump and upright butt. You can easily perform these movements at home 3 times a week.

Donkey Kicks

You can activate your deepest butt muscles with these movements, which are very effective in hip enhancement exercises. After taking a prone posture, lift your legs back and feel your hips stretched. Raise one leg After doing 10-15 repetitions, raise your other leg, respectively. Repeat this action 3 x 15 reps

Side leg Lift

Start with the side-lying position, flex the feet. Put the left hand on the floor in front of the chest to stabilize the body. Keep the body in a straight line, the tailbone should be stuck. With the left foot stretched and the leg straight, raise the leg towards the ceiling. Depending on the flexibility, stand somewhere between 45º-90º and lower your leg down. Perform the movement as a 3 x 15 repetition number.


A very simple squatting motion. It is one of the leading butt lifting and tightening movements because it works many muscles at the same time, including hip, leg, abdomen and waist. After crouching and getting up for a while, you will feel that your legs and hips are burning. This is just a small start to your goal. You can repeat the movement 3 x 15-20.

Wall Sits

It is an exercise to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. It is characterized by two right angles formed by the body, one on the hip and the other on the knees. The person sitting on the wall should take a sitting position with his feet shoulder wide and his back leaning against the wall. It can be very painful to keep this movement that affects both your legs and hips for a long time in this position. Apply in 3 x 30-45 seconds.

Dumbbell Sumo Squat

It is a great exercise for hip, thigh, leg muscles. Your head should be in an upright position. Activate by tightening your abdominal muscles. Your legs should be slightly wider than the shoulder width and your toes should be facing out. Grasp the dumbbell at the top with both hands. With your back in an upright position (sitting position) stretch your hips back and return to your starting position. You can repeat the movement 3 x 15-20.

Lateral Band Walking

The lateral band gait exercise combines with many deep muscles that stabilize the pelvis. A great way to improve hip stability, strengthen hip abductors, especially the gluteus medius, and increase the stability of the knee joint.

In order for this movement to be effective, you need to choose a resistance band with the correct force. If this exercise is too hard for you, use an easy band, if easy, use a hard band and feel the movement.

Fire Hydrand

Take position on your hands and feet. Your hands should be at shoulder level and width, and knees should be 90 degrees below the hip. The back is upright, the abdominal muscles are contracted, the hip is constantly raised to the right side of the body, the right knee is stretched until it reaches the level of the hip. The right knee is lowered without touching the ground. Then it is done again for the other leg. In this way, you train both your abdominal muscles and your hip and outer leg muscles. You can repeat the movement 3 x 15-20.

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