Bodybuilding Program For Beginners

Since the aim at the beginner level is to acclimate the body to movements, it is an exemplary fitness starter program that you can add to your 4-6 week training plan. Before starting the training, we definitely start by making warm-up movements. By reading the free Fitness Program build guide, you can create your own program, reduce the risk of disability and learn tips.

The aim of the Fitness Start training program is to increase the mobility of the body and muscles by working all muscle groups. Perhaps many of you are going to perform these movements for the first time. Excessive weights should not be preferred at first. Since your body is not used to movements, it is natural to have pain. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to circumvent the starting program in the lightest and most careful way.

How Many Days a Week Should I do Workout?

It is ideal for you to train at least 3-4 days a week. After the bodybuilding workout, the muscles and cells are destroyed. For recovery, at least 48-72 hours are required, depending on muscle groups. Calculate accordingly and do not run a muscle group without resting for 48-72 hours. If you have an oily body, do weight training 3-4 days a week. You can evaluate your rest days by doing cardio training.

How should I start?

You can use the fitness start program as the first 4-6 week program after the 15-day basic training program. The aim of the basic starting program is to run the muscle groups in the body with 2-3 sets of repetitions, to ensure that the body adapts to sports and the gym. If you do not have a basic start program, you can divide the movements in this program into 2 days and apply it for 15 days by doing 8 repetitions with 2-3 sets in Full body style. If you are confident after your muscular pain, you can start the program below.

Bodybuilding Program For Beginners

1.Day Chest + Biceps

2. Day Shoulder + Triceps

3. Day Back + Wing + Leg

It is enough to work at least 3-4 days a week. You can do cardio and abdominal exercises on rest days.

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