Best And Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Best and effective ways to lose belly fat: How to get rid of belly fat? If you are suffering from that thick fat covering over your abdomen then, surely this thing would have come to your mind. Is the belly fat giving you sleepless night? Then, read further and know the ‘best and effective ways to lose belly fat’.

Belly fat is actually the excess abdominal fat which has to build around the stomach and abdomen to an extent that is likely to have a negative impact on health. It can also lead to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Abdominal fat also shows a strong association with type -2 diabetes. It is also known as visceral fat and is generally located between the internal organs and torso.

So, from the above line, you may have got to know some harmful effects of belly fat on your body and should be thinking ‘how I can reduce belly fat’ over my stomach.

The simple answer is that you just need to control over your diet and should start some exercise. You would have read this answer on thousands of blogs or website over there, but have you turned it into action. If no, then that is the main problem. Most people already know how bad it is for their health, but they just give excuses to themselves “I’ll start dieting” or “I’ll start my workout program from tomorrow, next week or next month”, then every information or knowledge go to waste and the routine remains the same, the weight seems to increase, you become more depressed and in depression you gain more weight or fat and it goes on.

For those who want to see a change in their appearance should just have to make a change in their lifestyle by following the best and effective ways to lose belly fat:

Best And Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

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As we all know that ‘we are what we eat’, just see yourself in the mirror and you’ll get an idea. It is 80% of diet which works other than exercise, so you have to give major focus on it.

  • Cut calorie intake: If you want to lose weight, just a simple formula works, that is ‘burn more calorie than you’re consuming’. Unless you restrict calorie intake you won’t lose belly fat.
  • Include protein: Try to include much protein foods in your diet as it helps to burn those stubborn fats from your body. Try to include: Lean meat, Eggs, Fish, yogurt, whey protein, etc
  • Healthy fat: If you want to get rid of the belly fat then it’s the time that you should include healthy fat in your diet, like Avocado, butter, nuts, etc. Studies also suggest that diets with high in monounsaturated fat, which is present in healthy fat foods increases the metabolic rate and prevents the accumulation of belly fat.


Diet alone cannot do the whole work, you have to do some exercise to burn those extra calories so that to lose excessive fat from your body.

  • Perform cardio: You cannot just burn the belly fat area and say Yeah! Now I’m lean and slim because this is not possible, in order to lose belly fat you have to work all over your body and slowly you’ll see the difference. Cardio is the best exercise to lose fat fast as it works all over the body and burns more calorie, it also increases the metabolic rate. Some cardio exercises you can include are: Running, Cycling, Jumping ropes, Swimming, etc.
  • Resistant training: For all those who think weight training will lead to increase more weight, than you are wrong, even a 2006 study in International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggest that, if you’ll combine both resistant training and cardio (aerobic) exercise then it will be more effective than cardio alone in getting rid of belly fat. In weight training, you just have to focus on the same formula ‘eat less burn more’ and you’ll lose weight faster.


Measuring is very important part in every program, either you are losing weight or building muscle. If you want to lose weight, you have to monitor your body weight, measurement of your waist, etc. on regular basis, as it lets you know about the progress and also give you motivation. But many people do not focus on this important aspect and have no records of their losing weight program which sometimes leads them towards failure.

To maintain a proper record you can follow:

  • Weight yourself in frequent interval of time.
  • Regularly take measurement of your body as you progress.
  • Monitor your daily calorie intake.
  • Click photos of yourself at regular basis and compare it with your previous pictures.

Success never comes overnight, for those thinking to losing weight is just some days work then I’m sorry it’s totally wrong, it takes some time. After following this article on best and effective ways to lose belly fat you’ll see improvement in your body slowly and day by day you’ll get close to your dream body. Now TAKE ACTION and cut those belly fat off from your body. If you think I’ve missed any point then please comment below.

Belly Melting Exercises

Long Arm Crunches

3 x 15 reps

Long Arm Crunches: This exercise is a super effective exercise that works your core muscles. Sit back, bend your knees and stretch your arms back. Do the classic shuttle movement without breaking your arms slowly and in a controlled manner.


Hundred: We lie on our back, take a deep breath and lift our head and feet off the ground while exhaling.
If you hold your legs at a 90-degree angle at the table position, the movement will be a little easier. But if you stretch your legs straight forward, the movement becomes a little more difficult. If you are doing the movement for the first time and there is a problem especially in your waist, it is useful to do it by keeping your feet in the table position.

After taking your position, breathe quickly through the nose 5 times at short intervals and lower and raise your hands as if they were hitting the table. Now breathe out quickly, 5 times at short intervals, and continue raising and lowering your hands. Repeat this until you reach 100. Breathe 5 times through the nose, 5 times through the mouth!

Leg Raises

3 x 15 reps

  • Lie on your back on a flat coffee table or on a yoga mat.
  • Keep your hands under your hips to support your back.
  • Your legs should cross the bench from your knees and stand in space.
  • Lift your legs up with your feet together and your toes facing forward.
  • Keep your legs tight but do not lock your knees.
  • Keep your posture in this position and after waiting 2 seconds, slowly lower your legs to the starting position.

Cross body V ups

3 x 15 reps

Side Abdominal Muscles: Side abdominal muscles make the stomach muscles appear more prominent and body lines look more sexy. Lie on your back and raise your left foot with your right hand while applying the Movement to make contact. After doing the number of sets, do the same by lifting your other foot.


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