Are weight loss diets worth it? Let’s find out

Raise your hand if you’ve come across different diets on your weight loss journey. Whatever your fitness goals, there is no shortage of weight loss diets on the internet. Some can help you lose weight, while others can cause health problems that make it harder to shed.

Health Shots reached out to ISSA USA Certified Dietitian Juily Wagle to learn more about fad diets that aren’t for you if you’re trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss Diets That Claim More Than They Offer

Wagle lists diets that aren’t ideal choices if you’re trying to lose weight.

keto diet

Here’s what Juily Wagle recommends about the keto diet, which is widely supported by people: “This is a very popular option for people looking to lose weight, but I wouldn’t recommend it, especially for people with thyroid issues. The keto diet is known to exacerbate the thyroid gland by stressing the body,” she says. Diets tend to show a high case of side effects, including constipation, headaches, fatigue, etc.

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Keto is unsustainable in India where carbs are the norm. You don’t need keto to lose weight. Keto weight loss is hard to maintain long term. Once your body gets used to carbohydrates, it becomes completely intolerable.

intermittent fasting

Experts say the body needs what it needs. “We do not recommend intermittent fasting for clients seeking sustainable weight loss results and long-lasting results,” adds Waggle. It does its job regardless of whether it is within the frame of the Intermittent fasting is not required for weight loss.

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However, intermittent fasting by keeping all nutritional requirements in mind and giving your body all the food ingredients it needs will give you results. Hmm.

Most people believe that they can eat whatever they want within a limited amount of time, eight to ten hours, and the rest of the time they don’t eat at all. Since you are restricting your caloric intake, you may do well, but if you don’t account for the proper macronutrient ratios within that dietary window, you will hit a plateau after a period of time. Proper and correctly planned nutrition according to what your body needs.

super low calorie diet

A low-calorie diet may show results at first, but it’s definitely not sustainable, Waggle affirms. An extremely low-calorie diet can cause hypothyroidism, which lowers your basal metabolic rate. A severe calorie deficit leaves little energy to exercise. This is important for your weight loss journey.

calorie intake
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general motors diet

This includes a high protein, low calorie diet. You may lose a little weight on the GM or General Motors diet, but all that weight will come back when you resume normal eating. Besides, such diets cause muscle mass loss and are not sustainable in the long term.


Some people need diets customized according to their lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and psychological prejudices, and some people are strict on diets, while others need cheat meals once in a while. Other factors such as the amount of physical activity, whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle, whether you are overweight, and what your health is like are all important in calculating your specific calorie needs. A proper calorie deficit plan with proper exercise to help you burn fat while maintaining your weight is what you need to maintain a healthy weight.

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