Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga (Hammock Yoga)

What is aerial yoga?

AntiGravity is a type of yoga consisting of combinations of sports such as acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga, dance, kiresis and pilates, combining traditional yoga with air movements. It is made with a silk rope or cloth hammock. It aims to open the connection points on which pressure is exerted and relax the body from head to toe.

There are many movements and stages in this sport. Starting with AntiGravity Fundemantal, body warming is provided and exercises are done first. After your instructor says that you are ready, you will proceed to AntiGravityAerial Yoga, AntiGravity Suspension Fitness, AntiGravity Pilates, AntiGravity Restorative Yoga, AntiGravity AIRbarre stages.

Anti-gravity yoga stages

AntiGravity Fitness

  • AntiGravity Fitness is a comprehensive fitness technique designed to ensure the individual’s enjoyment and beauty while increasing the general health and physical agility of the individual. This unique combination of rows of exercises is aimed at reducing the pressure on a person’s spine and straightening the body from head to toe by stretching and strengthening the muscles.

AntiGravity PILATES

  • AntiGravity PILATES, which consists of original Pilates principles and Antigravity Fitness techniques, was adapted with the Control Method of Joseph Pilates. It is a new extension of Classic Pilates technique that allows you to do Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Stair Barrel, Contemporary and Classic Pilates exercises using a single tool Harrison AntiGravity Hammock instead of all classic tools.

AntiGravity Restorative Yoga

  • AntiGravity Restorative Yoga, This approach is perfect for those with a lower fitness level, or those who just like an approach that gives you time to tune in at a deep level

AntiGravity AIRbarre

  • AntiGravity AIRbarre are exercises that increase the dance state that moves the movements in the ballet stick to the AntiGravity® Hammock to increase strength, length and elegance. AIRbarre is the evolution of dance, grace and balance training and allows its participants to fly in the air.

The Benefits of AntiGravity Yoga

Reduces pressure on your spine

  • The biggest difference of hammock yoga, also known as “antigravity,” from traditional yoga is that it relieves pressure on your spine. For example, downward facing dog or bridge movements relieve pressure on your spine and help you relax. In this way, you will get rid of the pressure that forces your spine all day long and you will have great relief.

Pushes your nervous system and limits of your mental capacity

  • Antigravity yoga is a type of exercise that requires mental focus. Losing your balance and controlling your body as you move from one pose to another pose can push you far more than you might think. In this way, over time, your mobility will increase, you will get to know your body better and you will be able to focus more on your work.

Boosts Flexibility

  • Yoga movements in the non-gravity field allow you to be more flexible and more comfortable. Performing yoga in a suspended posture not only strengthens the core muscles but also improves spinal and shoulder flexibility. As the flexibility of the body increases, you become younger.

Hormone health

  • It releases happiness hormones such as serotonin, endorphin, enkephalin, endocannabinoid and dopamine. It relieves the endocrine, lymph, digestive and circulatory systems.

Skin beauty

  • Thanks to the upside-down movements, it provides fresh blood to the capillaries on the face, allowing the person’s facial color to revive.

Although antigravity yoga may seem difficult, it is actually the ideal type of yoga for beginners. Students who are new to yoga can work on their postures and strengthen their muscles thanks to the physical support provided by the hammocks used. In addition, traditional yoga classes are more crowded than antigravity yoga classes. Therefore, in antigravity yoga classes, the instructor can communicate with students much more effectively.

Who cannot do AGY?

You cannot do it if you are pregnant, have heart disease, have glycoma in your eyes, have serious vertigo, or recently had an operation. You should not forget that if you have had botox that day without forgetting, you should not do AGY because the shape of your face may be different than you expected.

Anti-gravity exercises

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