Abs Workout Routine At Home

Who does not want to have a fit and sexy body? Many people try various methods to get rid of their excess weight and have a more fit body. What you need to do for a healthy and fit body is quite simple: regular sport and balanced nutrition! For this, you do not need to go to the gym or work with a trainer. You can exercise on a yoga mat and have a fit body at home.

How can I lose weight fast?

If you want to have a more clear and clear view of the stomach muscles, you should not neglect the exercises and diet. Abdominal muscles are one of the most difficult regions among muscle groups. The fact that the stomach muscles are noticeable despite the weight gained is one of the motivating points. If you want to gain efficiency in a short period of time, reduce carbohydrates and follow protein-like diet programs to nourish the muscles. A balanced and healthy diet will allow you to reach the desired results more quickly.



3 x 15 reps

Crunch; It is one of the first exercises that come to mind in the upper abdominal muscle movements. Lie on your back, knees are broken and your soles are on the floor. Your knees should be open at hip level. Put your hands behind your head, but don’t put your fingers together. Let your thumbs come behind your ears. Keep your elbows open to the outside, let them be slightly inward. Lift your chin up slightly, get a gap between your chest and chin. Pull your belly in. Let your head, neck and shoulder bones rise from the ground at the same time. While raising your head, your waist should definitely touch the ground. Otherwise, the force applied to your waist will increase and cause disability. Wait 1– seconds while on the vertex. Then, slowly go down and end the movement.


Hundred: We lie on our back, take a deep breath and lift our head and feet off the ground while exhaling.
If you hold your legs at a 90-degree angle at the table position, the movement will be a little easier. But if you stretch your legs straight forward, the movement becomes a little more difficult. If you are doing the movement for the first time and there is a problem especially in your waist, it is useful to do it by keeping your feet in the table position.

After taking your position, breathe quickly through the nose 5 times at short intervals and lower and raise your hands as if they were hitting the table. Now breathe out quickly, 5 times at short intervals, and continue raising and lowering your hands. Repeat this until you reach 100. Breathe 5 times through the nose, 5 times through the mouth!

Long Arm Crunches

3 x 15 reps

Long Arm Crunches: This exercise is a super effective exercise that works your core muscles. Sit back, bend your knees and stretch your arms back. Do the classic shuttle movement without breaking your arms slowly and in a controlled manner.

Leg Raises

3 x 15 reps

  • Lie on your back on a flat coffee table or on a yoga mat.
  • Keep your hands under your hips to support your back.
  • Your legs should cross the bench from your knees and stand in space.
  • Lift your legs up with your feet together and your toes facing forward.
  • Keep your legs tight but do not lock your knees.
  • Keep your posture in this position and after waiting 2 seconds, slowly lower your legs to the starting position.

Bicycle Crunches

3 x 15 reps

  • Lie on your back on a mat and take a crunch position.
  • Start exercising by keeping your hands on the side of your head.
  • While crunching, bring your right elbow closer to your left knee and touch it if you can.
  • Then return to the starting position and repeat the same movement with your left elbow and right knee.

The biggest mistake in crunch types is to move your neck more than necessary. To prevent this, set a point on the ceiling and repeat by looking at that point along the set. Avoid very fast repetitions. Start with controlled replays and move on to quick replays as you approach extinction. Do not stop the movement after you feel burning in your abdominal muscles, try to remove at least 3-4 more times.

Cross body V ups

3 x 15 reps

Side Abdominal Muscles: Side abdominal muscles make the stomach muscles appear more prominent and body lines look more sexy. Lie on your back and raise your left foot with your right hand while applying the Movement to make contact. After doing the number of sets, do the same by lifting your other foot.

Side Plank

30 seconds

Fixed Posture For Side Abdomen: Stomach muscles are one of the most important regions for the appearance of baklava. Although it may seem easy, you can do it comfortably as it is an exercise that does not require movement.

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