8 Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Now the whole world has started to look positively towards meditation. People no longer turn their heads or grunt when they hear meditation. It’s a fact: Meditation really works. Our bodies are surrounded by anxiety and fatigue. We can never deny the appeal that meditation has created in the world of today’s social life, a fast-paced life, and technology-invaded people. Our lives are becoming more and more stressful, and this adrenaline we experience can be tiring and boring. Meditation provides calmness and relaxation in the midst of a storm, occasionally anyone can benefit from it.

The most well-known benefit of meditation is the fact that it reduces stress. Guided meditation forces the mind to free the noise of everyday worries and focus on a single point. This point allows the mind to relax. It helps to release all tension and focus on the present constantly.

The effects of meditation on the body begin to occur immediately. Once the adrenaline is out of your veins, you will miraculously feel relieved from stress, calmer, more relaxed and more focused. Your body is no longer in stress-response mode. Now you can feel like yourself again.

The world of science also participates in this situation. A study conducted at Texas Technical University shows that mindfulness meditation significantly reduces anxiety in subjects. In another meta-analysis, different mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques were examined. According to the results of the research, MBSR helps many individuals with clinical or non-clinical problems.

Sounds good, right? The effects of meditation don’t stop there. Meditation offers numerous benefits for both your mind and body. Many of these benefits can come as surprising. You can read about the benefits of meditation and what it means for your health and well-being below.

8 Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Meditation helps you lose weight

Let’s start with an interesting benefit of meditation. It turns out that sitting with deep breaths just doesn’t work for the mind. When we are stressed, the adrenal glands produce excessive amounts of cortisol. Chronic high cortisol levels cause fat accumulation around the stomach and other areas over time. Meditation helps reduce the risk of increased waist circumference fat due to hormones by keeping cortisol levels low.

In addition, studies reveal that mindfulness meditation reduces the risk of binge eating. People who are very stressed have a tendency to overeat or “emotional eating” to make themselves happy. If you are dieting and want to identify your problem, meditation may be your answer.

Helps you sleep better

Meditation on a daily basis will help you sleep better. A study published in the journal Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback examined the effects of Kriya yoga (a type of meditation exercise) in people with chronic insomnia. The study found that total sleep duration, sleep efficiency, sleep quality, and depression improved with people who meditated. Good sleep comes with good health, faster weight loss and improved brain function.

It helps you build better relationships

The human mind has a tendency to either tamper with past events or make wild plans about the future. With your mind elsewhere, you may find yourself further away from your loved ones. You have to pay attention to your family and friends as it can be frustrating and difficult to be a part of your existing regrets and worries.

You can start living in the present by doing guided meditation every day. This will also allow you to focus more on the people and places around you. You can feel a greater connection with the people you love. You can also develop healthier relationships with the people in your life.

Increases productivity

Meditation allows you to work better and be productive throughout the day. In a study that evaluated the relationship between transcendental meditation and productivity at work, it was found that meditation can make a big difference. Participants who meditated observed increased job satisfaction, better performance, and better relationships between their supervisors and colleagues.

If you have a close deadline job and are struggling to find the necessary motivation, go to the park and try guided meditation for 10 minutes.

Rebuilds your brain

If you are skeptical of the benefits meditation has on your mind and body, this research is for you. Researchers at Harvard Medical School evaluated the effects of meditation on the brain. The researchers used MRI scanning over an eight-week period. The results showed no changes in the control group, while those who meditated regularly showed significant increases in gray matter in their brains.

Gray matter is an essential part of the central nervous system. Gray matter is found in the areas of the brain that control muscle function, vision, hearing, memory, emotions, and speech. Yes, that’s why it’s a pretty important issue. According to the results obtained from the study, the brain analysis of the MBSR group showed an increase in the posterior cingulate cortex, temporoparietal connection and cerebellum, compared to the control group.

Can make you a morning person

If you hate waking up early in the morning, it might be a good idea to meditate. When you first wake up, meditating for a few minutes will help clear your mind and keep you energized throughout the day. You can focus on the tasks you need to do, relax about whatever worries you have about the day, and get rid of the sleepiness that seems like you will never get rid of it.

Relieves anxiety and depression

Research has repeatedly proven the relaxing effects of meditation on anxiety and depression. Experts believe that this positive effect on mood stems from the ability of people to come up with more creative solutions to problems with the help of meditation rather than feeling stuck or helpless. For example, a 2012 study shows that people who practice Buddhist meditation have better mental flexibility than people who do not. This is due to the fact that people who meditate have a more positive view of life and are more effective in solving problems.

It can improve your sexual life

One of the most surprising effects of meditation can be that it improves your sex life significantly. Meditation primarily reduces stress, meaning it reduces cortisol levels. The more you meditate the more you enjoy sexual intercourse, as increased cortisol is associated with lower libido and orgasm.

Meditation allows you to have more energy. This energy is necessary not only for running or working more productively, but also for using it when you go to bed. Finally, meditation increases your focus and your ability to live in the present. This is important for bonding with your partner and having sexual intercourse.

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