7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

“SEX” the most important thing to both men and women. From a mental to physical health, sex plays a very important role in keeping you fit and healthy. Thus, it is the need of both the gender. For men, sex is like playing a tough game and he has to win with perfection. Seducing your partner, fulfilling all the sexual needs of women, giving her a good penetration, and making her experience the perfect orgasm is what makes you a real man in the eyes of a woman.

When a man is really on the bed, they tend to make some serious sex mistakes which disappoint their woman. Men should have to understand what his woman wants. When you are on the bed, try to peep out what your woman actually wants from you. Ask her about her fantasy and make a plan according to it. A recent study shows that men are not skillful lovers as their woman though.

So, become a skillful lover and satisfy your woman on the bed you need to avoid these 7 sex mistakes:

1. Understand Your Woman

For men, sex is like a quick game. But it really takes time for a woman to develop a feeling of complete arousal. Here a man should have to keep in mind that you have to arouse your woman completely for a perfect sex.

Pave her during the day by hugging her, kissing her on forehead and cheeks, hold her hands, etc. Spend a good time with your woman and appreciate her for her beauty and the way she is.

Make her feel safe and secure. When women feel safe and secure with her man, she develops a good trust in her mind and slowly starts attracting towards her lover. Besides that, try to understand your woman by asking her what she wants in a relationship and what she wants from you on the bed. Then make a plan according to her needs and satisfy her accordingly.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

2. Don’t Get Too Much Desperate During Foreplay

Here what most of the men make the common sex mistakes, that as soon as they remove clothes, they get so much desperate by effortless kissing here and there and hurting their woman. Always remember, getting too much desperate during foreplay won’t be a great move. Most women don’t like aggressive sex from her partner.

Take it slowly and enjoy every aspect of the encounter as you get to know the woman you are with. Women enjoy every aspect of foreplay. Whether it is the making out, undressing or the reciprocal oral sex. Start from kissing gently over her forehead, lips neck thighs and genitals. These are the most sensitive area for women to get aroused.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

3. Keeping it Physical Won’t Do The Trick

Expand your ideas when you are on foreplay, men focus on physical stimulation but not on mental stimulation. Women fantasize a lot during sex. So try to do it in new ways. You can make a fantasize story before having sex and act according to it. Women love acts during sex. Try to be a doctor or a geeky man for her. It will give your woman more pleasure.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

4. Intercourse Always Won’t Give Her Orgasm

For about 70% of women, intercourse won’t do the trick. Why? Because most of the sex position you try don’t directly stimulate her clitoris. Clitoris is a very sensitive area and it takes time to activate fully. Here you can do much more things to please her.

Try to stimulate her clitoris when you begin foreplay. You can use vibrators to add more pleasure and increase the chances of orgasm. I want to tell every man that you should be comfortable with sex toys. Use them in a way to get more from it.

To help her hit the higher note when you have sex give her time to get her going before you make your entrance. Here you have to focus on one more thing. Women clitoris is more complex than you may think. Focusing too much on glans, at the top of the vulva, can decrease the pleasure for some women. Women clitoris is so sensitive that too much stimulation can hurt. So always try to go easy.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

5. Keep Her Sensitive Areas İn Mind

When you do sex with your partner, your aim is to please your woman in every way possible. Many guys focus on one or two sensitive areas on her body like breast and genitals. However, if you focus on to activate all her sensitive areas, there are more chances to arouse her fast. If you’ve worked on the neck than try to move down to her breast, then you can move down to her genitals and then thighs. Try not to focus always on her clitoris. Overstimulation can sometimes make her feel unpleasant. So keep things varied and expanded.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

6. Low Stamina Can Make You Lose Game

Working all day long in the office or at your workplace can make you tired and lowers your stamina. But women like those men who are long lasting at the bed. For some women long sessions in bed is exactly what they need to feel satisfied.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

7. Don’t be Too Rough

Roughness sometimes is good, there’s nothing wrong with it. But don’t be always too rough that you may want to leave the room in need of medical attention.

When it’s all over make sure to pay attention to her and help her in needs. Women after intercourse love to have some talk and cuddling. Don’t always act like a jerk after completing sex. Spend some good times with her on the bed.

7 Sex Mistakes Men Often Make in Bed

Conclusion: There are several ways to keep your woman happy and satisfied. There not to make these 7 sex mistakes and give your 100% on the bed like a king.

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