5 Steamed Snacks Recipes To Add To Weight Loss Diet

When planning a weight loss diet, we all tend to focus on the three most important meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, we overlook the possibility of going hungry between meals. I eat whatever is in my kitchen pantry with my tea. For example, bags of chips, biscuits, rusks, etc. However, eating these snacks in the middle of a carefully planned meal can negatively impact your efforts to lose weight. Should I stop eating snacks at night? Hmm, no! Rather, you should look for recipes that call for healthy ingredients and healthier cooking techniques. When looking for guilt-free indulgence, steamed dishes such as dhokla and idli are among the first things that come to mind. We’ve shortlisted a few steamed snacks from around the country that you can add to this list and might work well as part of your diet plan. See below.

Here are 5 steamed snack recipes to add to your weight loss diet

1. Oates Idli

Let’s kickstart the list with the recipes we love most. The fragrant mochi is steamed just the right amount and is very soft. It goes well with hot sambar and chutney. Get the oat idli recipe here.

2. Suzi Dhokra

Next, we’ll show you how to make a Gujarati-style snack in less than 25 minutes. This suzi-based quick dhokla takes him only 10 minutes to rest and set the dough. With only 10 minutes of cooking time remaining, you’ll have soft, spongy, market-style Dhokra in minutes. Get the recipe for Suzi Dhokra here.


3. Goan Sanna

Sanna is a savory steamed bun closely related to idli (rice cake) from South India. It is also popular in Mangalore and other coastal areas of India. Rice remains the staple food, but some cultures use urad dal, coconut milk, and coconut to ferment the rice. Get the goang sanna recipe here.

4. Upurundai (South Indian-style steamed dumplings)

Uppu Urudai is a steamed rice ball with ingredients such as curry leaves, mustard seeds, jeera seeds, chana, and uraddal seasoned with mild spices. A simple recipe that can be made in under 30 minutes. Here is the recipe for Uppulundai.

5. Bethan Kandovi

Khandvi is another popular Gujarati snack that is softer and softer than dhokla. Made with sour curd and besan (gram flour), the spicy tempering enhances the flavor. Check out Besan Khandvi’s recipe here.

Kandovi 625

Try these recipes and let us know which one you liked in the comments below.

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