5 Best Diets for Hypothyroidism

The best diet for hypothyroidism improves thyroid health. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland at the base of the neck. Glands produce hormones that play a major role in metabolism, regulation of other hormones, and body temperature.

The main hormones secreted by the thyroid are thyroxine (also known as T4) and triiodothyronine (also known as T3). Hypothyroidism is characterized by underproduction of thyroid hormones and is associated with weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, constipation, and hair loss.

While there are no standard guidelines, the best diet for hypothyroidism is one that keeps hormone production normal.

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Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Basic symptoms include fatigue and weight gain that occur in the early stages. Other symptoms are:

  • Malaise
  • weight gain
  • depression
  • constipation
  • cold
  • reduced sweating
  • abnormal heart rate
  • high cholesterol
  • dry skin
  • thinning hair
  • memory impairment
  • muscle stiffness and tenderness
  • joint pain

These symptoms can be effectively managed by following a diet suitable for hypothyroidism, as explained in this article.

Hypothyroidism can be detected by doing blood tests to check levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), T3, and T4. Hypothyroidism is characterized by high levels of TSH in the blood.

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best diet for hypothyroidism

Considering all the pros and cons of different diets, here are the 5 best diets for hypothyroidism:

1) Hashimoto Diet

This is one of the best diets for hypothyroidism due to autoimmune disease. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid gland. This phenomenon is known as an autoimmune reaction.

The Hashimoto diet is about eliminating foods that cause inflammation in your body. Foods that cause a spike in the immune response are also excluded from the diet. Combining several dietary guidelines, the Hashimoto Diet does not have specific guidelines.

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2) Low glycemic index diet

A low glycemic index diet is usually used by people with type 2 diabetes because it has minimal impact on blood sugar levels.

The glycemic index is a measure of how each food contributes to blood sugar levels. This type of diet also helps with fat loss. Foods with a low glycemic index are thought to help with symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Combining all the benefits of low GI foods, we can conclude that this diet is one of the best diets for hypothyroidism.

3) Paleo Diet

This diet aims to eliminate inflammatory foods and foods that contain anti-nutritional factors. Limited.

Healthy fats such as grass-fed meats, seeds, seafood, avocados, animal fats and olive oil are recommended. All processed and ultra-processed foods are excluded, but whole foods are encouraged. Paleo diet is one of the best low carb diets.

4) Gluten-free diet

A gluten-free diet is one of the best diets for hypothyroidism with constipation, diarrhea, cramps, bloating, nausea, acid reflux, fatigue, and brain fog.

These symptoms are also associated with gluten sensitivity. To alleviate these symptoms, it is recommended to eliminate foods containing gluten.This diet is also beneficial for people with celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.

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5) diet without goitrogens

Cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are known as goitrogens because they impair the iodine utilization process of the thyroid gland.

It also prevents the absorption of iodine from food. Soybeans and soy products can also interfere with thyroid hormone production. It is recommended that these foods be removed or cooked well to reduce the levels of goitrogens present.

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Hypothyroidism can be managed by changing your diet in several ways. Without proper guidelines, it can be confusing.

The best diets for hypothyroidism are listed based on responses from people who have suffered from hypothyroidism. Please take advice.

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